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Mission 5 (Germany)

[Upper Route]

Your objective in this mission is to repair the GDI base and then build up your forces to destroy all NOD units and structures.

You’ll start the mission in the bottom left corner with 2 Tanks, an APC and a handful of Infantry units. Move them to the east. You’ll have to take out a Small Tank and a few other units along the way. The GDI Base is on the other side of the Tiberium field across a small river.

Repair all of your buildings and then send out a small force of Grenadiers to take out the SAM Site just below the bridge in the center of the map. There are 4 SAM Sites on this map, and once they are all destroyed you’ll get the airstrike ability. The other SAM Sites are to the north east of the bridge, up on a ridge and the last two are to the south of the NOD Base.

If you run out of Tiberium there is another field to the north of your base. There is also a crate with credits underneath the ridge to the north east of the center bridge.

Send a Hum-vee into the NOD Base to find out where all of the buildings are located. You can now perform an airstrike on selected buildings such as the Hand of Nod. The NOD Construction Yard is on the south western side of the base.

Send in your Grenadiers and Hum-vees to finish off the base and complete the mission.

[Lower Route]

The objective for this mission is the same as the Upper Route but you’ll start on a different map. To find the base send your forces south and then east across the bridge. As in the Upper Route repair all of your buildings and start training Grenadiers and building Hum-vees.

There is a crate with credits directly north of your base. There is a tree by the Tiberium field that looks slightly different. Hidden behind it you’ll find the crate.

There is a SAM Site north of your base that you need to destroy and that’s probably where you’ll find the NOD Harvester as well. The NOD Base is located in the north-east corner of the map. Approach it from the south with Grenadiers and Hum-vees. Take out the Cannons and destroy the Hand of Nod first to prevent them from sending more infantry at you.

It shouldn’t take more than a few waves of attack to push through into the NOD Base and destroy all of their structures to complete the mission.

Mission 5 (Ukraine)

[Left & Right Route]

Both of the Ukraine Missions use the same map as the Germany [Upper Route] so refer to the Germany [Upper Route] above for how to complete this mission.

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