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Mission 8

If you follow the path to Slovakia you’ll be given the mission to protect Dr. Mobius who is establishing a hospital in the region. ┬áThis mission is quite challenging and probably the most difficult one so far.

You must protect Dr. Mobius and the civilians around the town. If too many of them die you will lose the mission. The Nod forces will arrive by Chinook at the center of the town.

Start by moving your MCV to the south-east and deploying to build your Construction Yard. After the Power Plant build the Refinery to the east of your base so it’s closer to the Tiberium field.

The civilian town is to the south-west. Send your three tanks down just to the north of it to protect the civilians. Nod will be sending Artillery and Tanks into the town very soon.

Next you’ll want to build a Weapon’s Factory and then another Refinery. Once you have access to Tanks and Hum-vees the next priority is to seal off the town from the Tiberium field to the north of it. Start placing down sand bags from the Hospital up to the north and then east along the Tiberium field.

Build some Rocket Launchers and place them to the northern part of the town. Having two of them together should be enough to blow the Chinooks out of the sky and prevent them from dropping off troops.

With the civilian town fairly well protected it’s now time to start going after the Nod bases. Yes, there are two Nod bases, one to the north west and the other to the north east corner of the map.

The Construction Yard is located in the north western base, towards the front, so that’s where you want to attack first. Send up a Hum-vee or two to scout out the area and find out where the entrance to the base is.

Once you’ve scouted out the land build two APCs with 3 to 5 engineers in each one. Move a strike force forwards to take out the Nod Infantry. Grenadiers and Hum-vees work well. Then bring in the APCs, moving them to the right side of the base where the engineers can get access to the Construction Yard. Take over as many buildings as you can but make sure first of all that you have their Construction Yard.

Once you’ve crippled the north-western base it’s just a matter of making sure you target their Harvesters and stop the flow of credits. Start moving in on the other base and take out their barracks quickly. They won’t be able to build another one.

Slowly you should be able to wear the Nod down and destroy all the structures in both bases. Finish off any remaining units and the mission will be accomplished.

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