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[Left Route –¬†Terminate Doctor Wong]

Your objective in this mission is to eliminate the scientist, Dr. Wong. Keep your group together and use your Commando to pick off as many of the infantry as you can.

When the GDI forces start to thin out send your units to the north. Use your vehicles to take out the take and snipe the infantry. Once you reach the top of the map turn east.

Continue east until you can head to the south. Continue south until you come to the side of the GDI base. The scientist is standing on a bit of land just south of the GDI base so send your Commando or Artillery down there to deal with him and complete the mission.

[Right Route –¬†Destroy the Mammoth Tank Facility]

You start the mission with some Infantry, an Engineer, Commando and Artillery. Use your Commando to scout as he has the longest range. Your goal is to destroy the Mammoth Tanks sitting in the GDI base to the south.

First move your Artillery up to the north and take out the Grenadiers on the other side of the stream. Send your Commando east along the stream to scout out the 4 Infantry and then use the Artillery to bomb them.

A couple of Medium Tanks will move up to see what’s happening. You can now move your units south and then sneak across to the east without the tanks noticing. Go all the way to the east and then north. Bring all your forces up as you’ll be attacked by a Hum-vee as you approach the bridge.

Save the game here. Bring all your unit north across the bridge and then to the west. Kill the Infantry on the other side of the west crossing and bring your units across to the west. There is a Mammoth Tank the Patrols the area to the south and east. You want to get all your units across to the west before it drives past.

Wait for the Mammoth Tank to drive over the bridge and patrol to the east. Send your units south over the bridge and hide them on the ridge to the south.

The Mammoth Tank may take a couple of different paths. It’s safest to leave your units in the central location and wait for the Mammoth Tank to patrol again to the north.

Send your Commando to the south to scout out. Bring your Artillery down to take out the 2 Guard Towers. Once the towers are down send all your units in to destroy the Mammoth Tanks in the fenced area to the south of the base to complete the mission.

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