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Mission 2

Your objective is to build a base and destroy all of the Nod forces. There are two paths to choose from, an upper and a lower route. The walkthrough for both of them is essentially the same.

[Upper & Lower Route]

Start by deploying your MCV to make a Construction Yard. Build a Power Plant, Refinery and Barracks. The GDI base is located to the north west section of the map. They will attack with Infantry and Hum-vees but their base is only lightly defended.

You can either overwhelm the enemy base with your units or build Engineers to take over their Construction Yard and other buildings. Either way focus on taking out their Construction Yard first so they won’t be able to build any more buildings. Then destroy or take over their Barracks and other buildings. Wipe out all the GDI units to finish the mission.

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