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Your mission for all three locations is the same. GDI have stolen a detonator in order to threaten some of the local political leaders. Sneak into the base, steal the device and then get back to the chopper to make your escape.

[Left Route – Ivory Coast]

Gather your troops together and head to the south. Take down the GDI units as you spot them. Take a turn to the first east path and follow it all the way along to the entrance of the GDI base. Keep moving or the GDI will shoot down your troops.

Break through the fencing and steal the crate with the Detonator. There’ll be a signal flare to the south of the base. Run out the exit on the south-eastern side of the base, follow the path around and then curl back to the west to find the flare and finish the mission.

[Center Route – Benin]

As soon as you start the mission you’ll be attacked by GDI forces from the south. Make your way to the south and turn to the east when you can. Head north, take out the tank on the bridge but don’t move your forces over the bridge.

Instead continue west and to the north and cross over the second bridge. Head west into the GDI base, take out the Guard Towers and then punch a hole through the fence to grab the Detonator.

The Flare signal should be in the south eastern side of the map. Run out of the base through the south east exit and head towards the flare. Once you find the signal flare you’ll complete the mission.

[Right Route – Nigeria]

Send your troops north and cross over the bridge. Carefully take out the GDI forces and then head west into the GDI base. Take down the Guard Towers if you have the forces, otherwise make a run for the crate in northern part of the base and dash out the southern exit to find the signal flare and complete the mission.

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