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This is the walkthrough for Aline Cedrac. For the point of view of Edward Carnby please see the main Alone in the Dark 4 walkthrough. After the plane accident Aline parachutes down and lands on the roof of the house. Here are some keys you’ll need to complete the game.

Space – Fire/Action
A – Run
I – Inventory
M – Map
R – Radio
S – Flashlight
LShift – Free Look
LCtrl – Aim


Walk around the ledge of the roof until Edward calls you on the radio. Walk up close to the window and press Space to open it and go inside to the loft.

Lucy’s Bedroom

Obed’s mother, Lucy, is lying on the bed. She gives you some information about the Shadows and hands you a Small Gilded Key.

Pick up the First Aid Kit on the right side of the bed and read the magazine on the small table to the left. The magazine gives you some more information about Obed. Walk towards the door and a Snake creature will rise up from the mat. Shine your torch on it until it disappears.

Pick up the Charm of Saving from the table by the door and go through the door to the hall.

Loft Hallways

Run down the hallway to the other side and quickly flip the light switch before the creatures catch up with you. When the lights turn on the creatures will disappear from this area. The door is locked so you’ll need to find another key first.

Walk back halfway down the hall and then go south. Open the door on the left side.

East Attic

There are shadow creatures here so quickly run through the room to the south side and go through the door.

Storage Room

Walk around the room to a barrel with another Charm of Saving on it. As you continue around Aline will call Carnby on the radio. Continue to the end of the room and pick up the Box of Phosphorous Cartridges on the crate. Leave the way you came.

East Attic

Quickly go through the door to the west. Run down the hall to the other side and pick up a Charm of Saving on the bench. Go through the next door. Run down the hall and open the door at the end.

West Attic

There are creatures in here so try to find them off with your flashlight. Pick up the Small Gilded Key on the table by the door. Run to the western side of the room and pick up the Box of Magnesium Bullets from the bench.  Head back east and pick up the First-Aid Kit on the southern side. Leave the room the way you came and go back through the hall. Go through the door on the other side.

East Attic

Run back through the attic to the hallways that lead to Lucy’s room.

Loft Hallways

Run around to the locked door and use the Small gilded Key that you picked up in the attic to unlock the door. Open the door and head down the stairs.


When you enter the stairwell radio Carnby to let him know what’s going on. Continue down the stairs to the first landing and Aline will overhear a strange conversation. Continue to the bottom of the stairs, turn on the lights and go through the door to the west.

Corridor (First Floor)

When you walk forwards into the corridor your view changes and it’s hard to work out which way you’re facing. You want to walk forwards and go through the door on Aline’s left.

Smoking Room

Radio Carnby and he’ll give you a clue. Sometimes it’s easier to see when the lights are out. Flip the light switch by the door and the camera will cut to a glowing base on a statue with a gun inside. Use the Small Gilded Key Lucy gave you to open the socle and get the Revolver. When you do a creatures spawns into the room and the door to the east unlocks.

Quickly run around the creature and through the unlocked door to the east. You’ll catch sight of Obed running off down the hall.

Hallways (First Floor)

Follow him down the hall and open the door at the end. Continue around to the left and open the door by the stairs. Follow the passage around until you catch up with Obed. He’ll shoot you with a tranquillizer dart and you’ll wake up in a bedroom.

South Bedroom

When you wake up you’ll radio Carnby. Turn on the lights and search the room. By the bed is Alan Morton’s Journal. On the desk is an Allen Wrench and a First-Aid Kit and by the mirror you’ll find a Charm of Saving. The doors are locked so go through the secret passage behind the mirror.

Secret Stairwell

Walk down the stairs. Once you get to the first landing you’ll spot a Triple-Barreled Shotgun in the corner. Continue down the stairs. Pick up the First-Aid Kit and then look through the spyhole to see the real Obed.

When you are done run back up the stairs. About half way up monsters will spawn behind you so quickly open the door to the bedroom.

South Bedroom

When you enter the bedroom Carnby will arrive. After your conversation with him he’ll lift you up so you can climb through the trapdoor in the ceiling.


When you approach the mirror a man will appear, calling himself Judas De Certo. He asks you to bring him a mirror and he’ll reveal who your true father is. When you are done go through the door to the north and east, making your way back to Lucy’s bedroom. The handle of the door to the hallway will break when you leave so you won’t be able to get back to this area again.

Lucy’s Bedroom

Speak with Lucy for more information and then head back out into the hall.

Finding Alan’s Office

Go through the door at the end of the hall that leads to the spiral stairwell. Open the door on the first landing where you heard the conversation the first time. Open the first door in the corridor to Alan’s office.

Alan’s Office

You can turn on the lights by using the switch just by the door. Just to your right as you enter you’ll find a First-Aid Kit. Pick up the Mirror on the dresser. Walk up the steps to the desk and take the Grenade Launcher under the desk. Read Alan’s Journal and take note of the projector. You’ll be using that later. Leave the office the way you came.

2nd Floor Corridor

Continue down the corridor. As you move forwards blood will start spilling from under one of the doors and bugs will start dropping from the ceiling. Run back the other way. Go through the door just to the left of the light switch.

West Bedroom

There’s a Charm of Saving on the mantel of the fireplace and a Box of Cartridges on the dresser by the bed. Head to the right, behind the screen and Judas will appear again. He beckons you through the mirror. Walk through and talk to him. When he asks for the mirror say “No”, otherwise you’ll die. When he disappears you’ll automatically grab your first Statue.

Go back through the mirror. As you walk through the bedroom to leave, Edenshaw will arrive and give you more information about the statues. After that you’ll radio Carnby and give him an update. Leave through the first door behind you to your right. Kill the creature and walk down the stairs to the lobby.


Examine the mirror just in front of you. There’s a symbol missing in the top right corner. Go through the double-doors to the right.

1st Floor Corridors

Take out any creatures and go through the door at the end of the hall. There’s two Zombies wandering around in here. Shoot them and then go through the door to Aline’s right to Obed’s Office.

Obed’s Office

It’s a bit of a mess in here. Wander around until you find a First-Aid Kit and Box of Cartridges. On one of the shelves is a book about the Abkanis Indians.

Ignore the banging from the cabinet. If you open it you’ll be attacked by two Hell Hounds. Look at the mirror opposite the desk. Shoot it twice to shatter the glass. Behind the shattered glass is a Document. When you leave the room you’ll be back in Lucy’s bedroom.

Lucy’s Bedroom

Walk over to Lucy and speak with her. She’ll give you a Glass Prism. This is needed to activate the projector in Alan’s office. Leave the room and go through the door at the end to the spiral staircase. Take the door at the first landing and then go through the first door to the office.

Alan’s Office

Turn off the lights and walk up to the projector. Place the Prism in the projector and then place the Flashlight in the projector. After the short movie you’ll take a 3D Map of the Library in the form of a cube. Examine the cube and take note of the location of the white star and the numbers, 1991,

Leave the room and go back to the spiral stairs. Head down to the bottom and go through to the other end of the hall. Turn right and go through the double-doors to the library.


Read the Journals on the pedestal and the desk. Next to the pedestal you’ll find a Box of Grenades. Walk up the stairs around the side to the next floor and go through the open bookshelf to a secret room. Inside you’ll  find Shotgun Shells. Continue up the stairs to the third level and, climb up the ladder and walk around the roof to the tower. Climb into the tower for more Grenades.

Run back to the ground floor and use the 3D Map to figure out where the white star is located. Go to that location and press ‘Space’ to look at the shelves. Use the arrow keys to change the numbers on the books to ‘1991‘. Enter the secret room and pick up the Abkanis Tablets, Grenades and First-Aid Kits.

Pull the Lever. You may need to move around to find the right location before the game recognizes you’re in the right spot. When you pull the lever a container lifts up in the center of the library with a huge creature inside.

As you step out of the secret room the creature breaks free. You’ll need to shoot it about 5 to 7 times with the grenade launcher to knock it out so you can escape. Walk backwards and shoot as it jumps forwards to attack. Once the creature has been dealt with examine the container to find half of a Medallion. When you leave the library you’ll automatically head back to Lucy’s room.

Lucy’s Bedroom

After talking to Lucy she’ll give you the second half of the Medallion. Open your inventory and combine them together. Leave the room and go through the door to the spiral staircase. Open the door at the first landing and make your way down the hall. Go through the door just to the left of the light switch to the bedroom. Head through the door to the left, where you met Edenshaw, to the landing. Walk down the stairs to the lobby.


Walk up to the mirror and use the Medallion. Walk through and go down the stairs to the cellar.


Walk to the other side of the cellar and climb up the ladder by the crates. You’ll use the Allen Key to open the trapdoor and climb up to the greenhouse.


When you walk forwards Edenshaw will show up and give you more information. Search around the greenhouse for Grenades, then head back to where you met Edenshaw and open the door to go outside.


Quickly run down the path to the right. The large creature will crash through a window and chase after you. Head through the gate and follow the path to a second gate. As soon as you go through you’ll be attacked by 3 Hell Hounds.

Take a look at the map. The path to the north leads to a dead end where you can find Shotgun Shells. The path to the east leads to an arch. As soon as you approach it the monster attacks. Either knock him out again or run past him, all the way around to the entrance to the crypt on the east side of the cemetery.


This is the Morton family crypt. Open Jeremy Morton’s tombstone, second on the left. Pick up the Rockets, Rocket Launcher Pistol, First-Aid Kit, Charm of Saving and metallic object which is a Flashlight Cover.

Leave Jeremy Morton’s tomb and walk to the other side of the crypt. Place the Flashlight Cover on the Flashlight and shine it at the wall. You need to shine the light over the points on the wall to make the shape of an ‘M’. You can use your mouse for more accurate pointing with the flashlight.

Once you get it right Richard Morton’s tomb will open. Walk inside and read the inscription on the casket. Make your way down the passage to the left, killing the creatures as you go. Leave the crypt and climb over the outcrop to reach the next area.

Path through the Forest

Run through the forest until you come to the wooden gate. Open it and go through. Continue forwards and head over the bridge to the fort.

Fort Outskirts

The main gate is locked but Aline can climb up the vines just to the right of the gate. Before you climb up run to the right for Shotgun Shells. Climb up the vines and eventually Aline will climb over the wall into the fort.

Fort Interior

Head to the left and run down the stairs. Continue past the gate and down more stairs. Go through the passage and pick up the First-Aid Kit in the corner. Continue out to a courtyard.

Ignore the archway to the north for the moment and climb over the wall to the left. On top of the broken wall you’ll find more Cartridges. Drop down to another courtyard. There are some creatures here that you may want to kill along the way.

Run up the stairs and kill the 2 Zombies. Head to Aline’s left as you enter and open the door to finally have a chat with Obed Morton. Pick up the Black Metallic Card and Charm of Saving before you leave.

Run across the room to the other side and go down the stairs. There are two doors here. The one to the left leads to the oubliettes (dungeons), the one to the right has a combination lock on it. Go through the door to the left to the dungeon.


Run down the stairs and explore the entire area. Inside the mechanism by the table you’ll find a Metallic Piece. Kill the creatures that spawn and then search the table for Wire Cutters, some Documents on the Perforator which also contain Blueprints.

Head up the side stairs to find a Mould piece on the floor. There is a chest here which can’t be opened. Head back down and search in the side passages for a First-Aid Kit and Box of Rockets.

Fort Interior

When you’re done head back up the stairs to the room with Zombies. You may need to kill them again. Go out the exit to the courtyard and climb over the central wall. Go through the arch to the north and use the Wire Cutters to open the chest. Inside you’ll find a Steel Ingot and Rusty Key.

Leave the way you came and go all the way up the stairs to the very top. Use the Rusty Key to open the wooden door and go inside.


Heading to Aline’s right you’ll find a Weapon Stock, Orange Accelerator and Barrel on the table. The strange machine by the wall can be used to craft items. Place the Mould in the machine and then the Steel Ingot. Pull the lever to craft a Barrel of a Weapon.

Continue around the room to find Jeremy Morton’s Diary. There’s an important clue on the last page which gives you the clue to the combination lock, Silver, Gold, Red and Black.

In the locker around the other side of the room you’ll find a Glass Lens. when you take it 2 Hell Hounds attack. In a small alcove you’ll find 2 First-Aid Kits. Go through the passage that leads outside.

North Rampart

Use the Glass Lens on the telescope and then look through it. You’ll see a statue with some strange writing on one side. Continue walking along the rampart to the left and you’ll crash down through the floor.


Wade through the water and shoot the Crocodile when it jumps up behind you. It will only appear behind you so get ready to turn around quickly. Continue through the water and head up the steps.

Go through the passage and climb the ladder. Up the top is a box with a Golden Metallic Card, Red Metallic Card and Silver Metallic Card. There’s also a First-Aid Kit here. Open the door and run up the stairs back to the rampart.

Fort Interior

Go into the workshop and out through the wooden door. Head down the stairs all the way to the bottom, through the passage and over the wall in the courtyard, up the stairs to the inner room and down the stairs to the right to the door with the combination lock.

Use the Metallic Cards and place them in the lock from left to right in this order, Silver, Gold, Red and Black. The door will unlock. Go through into the Planetarium.


Run to the table on Aline’s left and pick up the Plasma Cannon. Pick up the Metallic Half-Ring from on top of the crate and the First-Aid Kit from the floor. Head up the spiral stairs in the center and Carnby will radio.

Walk to the top of the stairs and look at the control panel. Radio Carnby and he’ll give you a clue as to what date to enter into the machine. The date is 10 31 2001. When you enter this date the planets will align and a panel downstairs will open. After speaking Carnby again head down the stairs and pick up the Large Bronze Key, Seal, Small Rusty Key and an Abkanis Statue.

Walk to the door lit up in a green glow and use the Large Bronze Key to unlock it. Go through to the outside. Pick up the Grenades and continue forwards to examine the statue. You’ll call Carnby again and agree to meet up. When you finish the conversation you’ll be attacked by lots of little creatures. Clear them out with grenades or just avoid them.

Meeting up with Carnby

Enter the Planetarium and out the other wooden door. Go through the room to the courtyard and up the stairs to the gate. You can now unlock the gate so open it and go through.

When you run over the bridge you’ll meet the beast again. Either knock him down or dodge around him and go through the wooden gate. Continue through the forest until you meet up with Carnby. He gives you the Stone Stele. When you leave you’ll automatically be taken back to the statue.

The Statue

Use the Stone Stele on the statue and you’ll find a Luminescent Stone and another Abkanis Statue. Head back into the Planetarium and out the other wooden door. Head up the stairs to the rampart and go through the wooden door to the workshop.


Climb up the ladder and turn on the lights in this room. Climb up the ladder again to a contraption with a lever. You can try to pull it but the panel above is locked. Climb up the next set of stairs to the top of the fort.

Use the Small Padlock Key on the padlock. Head back down the ladder and pull the lever. The panel above will open. Climb down the ladder.

When you pull the lever on the machine in this room the lightning rod will raise up through the open panel and lightning will strike the center of the room intermittently. The beast attacks as soon as you do this. You need to run around the center and time your position so the beast tries to jump over the center spot just as lightning is striking. When you do this three times the beast will die. The lightning rod stays active for 1:50. If you don’t do it in this time you can pull the lever again to reset the timer.

The Perforator

It’s time to put together the perforator. Open your inventory and ‘Split’ the Tripod. You’ll get another half of the Metallic Ring. Combine the two Metallic Halves together to make a Ring. Combine the Ring with the Energy Stone and then the Tripod with the Perforator Barrel. Combine the Butt with the Orange Accelerator and the Butt Assembly with the Barrel. Now combine the Weapon with the Barrel Assembly. Finally combine the Weapon with the Power Source. The perforator should be complete. It just needs lightning to power it.


You’ll need to pull the lever and make it down to the Oubliettes before the timer runs out. You may want to make your way down there so you know the exact path to take and clear out any creatures that might get in your way first.

Pull the lever, climb down the ladder and at the bottom run to Aline’s left. Go through the wooden door and all the way down the stairs to the courtyard below. Go through the arch and then through the door into the Planetarium. Go to Aline’s left and through the door with the combination lock. Go through the next door into the Oubliettes.

Run down the stairs and at the bottom turn left. Run into the contraption and use the Perforator. If you don’t take a wrong turn you should have about 20 seconds left to spare. Lightning will hit the rod and power up the perforator, blasting a hole in the wall. Kill the scorpion creature that comes out and go through the hole.

Underground Tunnels

Pick up the Photoelectric Pulsar and read the Journal nearby. Continue along the path until you meet up with Carnby. After reading a few inscriptions lead Carnby over the stone bridge.

In a tunnel on the other side open the wooden trapdoor for some supplies. You’ll find 5 First-Aid Kits, a Battery Charger, Lightning Gun and 5 Charms of Saving. Continue through the tunnel to the other side to find Alan and Edenshaw. After the cut-scene Carnby will get sucked into the opening.


Walk down the stairs and Carnby will radio. The Crystals in these caverns can be used to recharge your Battery. The battery is used for the Lightning Gun. Continue around the ledge and make your way to the exit to the south of the map. There’s a few ledges that you’ll need to climb over to get there.

When you reach a ledge overlooking the fortress walk down the stairs to the right and climb up the ladder which leads to the fortress.

Abkanis Fortress

Head along the path and then up the steps leading to the main area of the fortress.

As you enter deeper into the fortress you’ll see a stone pyramid-shaped altar with the top removed. Continue along the passage and Aline will find an entrance to a secret room.


In the middle of the room is an altar and around the table are seven plates that you can slide. This slides the room around and opens up alcoves behind the plates. Slide each of them in turn and examine the alcoves to find 6 Seals and information about all of the gods.

When you are done slide the first plate again and leave the room. Run back down the stairs and go to the structure on the left. Climb up the ladder and climb inside from the top.

Inside this room are 6 stones. Each one fits one of the seals. You can see from the picture on the stone which seal it takes. Don’t worry about getting it wrong there’s only one seal which will fit into each stone.

Once all six seals are placed in the stones a stone slab will lift up so you can run across to pick up the Stone Pyramid. You can also find a Flask in this room. When you are done leave this structure.


Run up the stairs and follow the path to the stone pyramid. Place the Stone Pyramid top on the pyramid to light up the area. You’ll be given a Head of Statue and a few words of encouragement from one of the gods. Leave this area and head back down the ladder the way you came. Continue down the stairs and across a stone bridge.

Lava Cavern

This large cavern is cracked with lava but it won’t hurt you. There’s also tough scorpion creatures that spawn in this area. The Lightning Gun is the best way to deal with them. Find the exit on the north-eastern side of the map and go through.

Long Passage

Run through this tunnel to the other side. Every few meters a creature will spawn. You’ll either need to move forwards carefully and kill them as they spawn in or just make a run for it to the other side.


Make your way over the bridge and into the next cavern.


At the other end of this cavern is a glowing green pool. You can use this water to fill up your flask. Continue through this area to a wall that you can scale. When you reach it the game will ask you if you want to climb up.

Continue along the passage until you come to a ledge where you can look down over the bridge you ran across earlier. You’ll see Carnby use a rope to lower himself down. You’ll need to follow him so retrace your steps back to the bridge.


Find the stone with the rope tied around it and press ‘Space’ to climb down.

Lower Passages

Continue along the passage until you catch up with Carnby and Alan. Obed will show up and take out Alan, then Aline will follow them down into the pit. Down in the pit you’ll find the last Abkanis Statue. There’s no way to climb back up so run through the crack in the wall. You’ll drop down to the Abkanis Tomb.

Abkanis Tomb

Head through the tomb to the other side. Along the way you’ll get a radio call from Johnson. Climb down into the river and follow it along until you can get out on the other side. This is quite a large river so use your map if you get lost. Along the way you’ll be attacked by a Crocodile. When you climb out you’ll end up above an area where you were before.


Climb down and continue through the passage. When you reach the other side a pillar will collapse, allowing you to get across the chasm.

Obed Morton

Now you’ll need to face the shadow version of Obed Morton. He can’t be killed so you’ll need to run past him. You can try to distract him with a rocket or two and then quickly sneak past him to the left. If that doesn’t work walk backwards to the previous screen and then go across the pillar again. Hopefully Obed will have changed his position a little, giving you a chance to run past him.


Run around the passages until you come to a dark room. Don’t worry, Obed won’t follow you. Walk behind the table at the end of the room and use the Head of Statue. Aline will put it on the bust. Carnby will enter and do the same thing. The door behind you opens so run through to make your escape and complete the game.

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