Songs of Conquest has just moved from Early Access to full release with four campaigns to play and numerous solo and multiplayer maps. Songs of Conquest takes inspiration from the Heroes of Might and Magic series. It keeps the charm of the older games and adds fluid gameplay and a better user interface.

Songs of Conquest is a turn-based fantasy strategy game with four factions. There’s the Aerlon knights, the Rana swamp creatures, Loth necromancers and the Barya mercenaries. Your main characters are the heroes who explore the world and raise mighty armies. Each of the four factions have different units, heroes and a different emphasis on magic.

You can choose to play through the campaigns or on hand-crafted or randomized maps. The mod community will also be bringing out new maps all the time. The campaign focuses on a unique song, a part of it will play after completing the campaign for each faction.

The combat and magic system works slightly differently than Heroes of Might and Magic. Some of the units are aligned with different schools of magic. As long as they are still active on the battlefield they’ll generate that particular kind of magic. Once you have enough stored up you’ll be able to cast spells depending on how much and what type you have available.

Each of the units has a standard and upgraded version. You’ll need to manage your resources and decide which buildings to place in your towns. Each city or town has limited space so you’ll need to decide what’s most important.

Songs of Conquest is a modern interpretation of the fantasy strategy games of decades past. It keeps the gorgeous art and provides a world for exploration and battles. It’s one of those games that you’ll want to play just one more turn. There are some differences from HOMM3 that you may or may not like.

I think it’s great that the developers didn’t copy the old format exactly but sprung out on their own to adapt combat, magic and settlement building for a new age. It’s not a radical departure but it feels different enough to make it interesting and unique in it’s own right. Songs of Conquest is definitely worth playing if you like the HoMM series or tactical fantasy games.


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