Unravel 2 is a new adventure based on the little Yarny character of the first game. While most of the game mechanics are the same Unravel 2 introduces a new character. You can play co-op with a friend or control both characters in solo mode.The characters can weave together so you still only need to do difficult platforming sections once.

Unravel 2 adds a variety of challenge levels where your goal is to free trapped Yarnys. When you complete the level you’ll be given new options to customize your character.

In Unravel 2 you’ll swing, swim and catapult through the air as you chase your spark. Being attached to another Yarny adds a whole new dimension to the game. Unravel 2 is a little shorter than the first game. It has 7 chapters and a number of individual puzzles.

Unravel 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Foreign Shore
Chapter 2: Hidewaway
Chapter 3: Little Frogs
Chapter 4: Nightswimming
Chapter 5: Is That All There Is
Chapter 6: Ashes to Ashes
Chapter 7: At the Rapids

Unravel 2 is a puzzle platform game developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. It continues in the same style as the first game with a little creature called Yarny that must navigate through the world using nothing but it’s yarn. Unravel 2 adds a second Yarny that can use to make it through various puzzles.

Unravel 2 has received mostly positive reviews and is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It can be played solo or multiplayer.