Owlboy is a platforming adventure game featuring a little Owl called Otus. Along the way you’ll find friends that you can carry and they’ll act as your gunners. Owlboy is unique in the platforming sense as Otus can fly from the very beginning, making exploration quite enjoyable.

Otus and his friends will set out to stop the pirates from raiding the town and stealing the three relics. In the process you’ll delve into different areas or dungeons, searching for secrets and attempting to make your way through to the relic before the pirates reach it.

At the start you’ll only have 3 bars of health. You can upgrade your health bar by finding Buccaneer Coins and trading them for health tonics at the local shop. If you take damage eat some of the nearby fruit. At full health your dash is a little quicker and longer so try to stay at max health for as long as possible.

Owlboy Walkthrough

Part 1: Vellie

Part 2: Vellie Caves

Part 3: Tropos & Owl Temple Entrance

Part 4: Owl Temple

Part 5: Advent Settlement

Part 6: Tropos and Stratos

Part 7: Floating Island – Jungle

Part 8: Floating Island – Molten

Part 9: Mesos and Mesos Passage

Part 10: Pirate Ship

Part 11: Boguin Challenge

Part 12: Owl Tower