The Pedestrian is a unique puzzle platformer based on the idea that you’re a little figure in the street signs. You’ll need to make your way through the city, from the warehouse, to the subway, sewers and so on, solving puzzles along the way.

There are 7 short levels in The Pedestrian, and the entire game takes about 4 hours to complete casually. As you progress the puzzles will get more complex, with more mechanics slowly introduced over the course of the game.

If you enjoy puzzle platformers then The Pedestrian is a great addition to your collection. It has some similarities to games such as Unravel, although it can be completed in an afternoon.

The Pedestrian Walkthrough

Level 1: Warehouse

Level 2: Subway

Level 3: Sewers & City Streets

Level 4: Campus

Level 5: Alley

Level 6: Rooftops

Level 7: Apartment (Final)