Heroes Chronicles is a spinoff title from Heroes of Might and Magic 3. It includes 8 chapters that mainly feature the adventures of the hero Tarnum as he gathers together his armies and leads them throughout the realm.

Throughout the campaign you’ll play many of the various factions and travel across diverse landscapes. The scenarios are perhaps a little easier than the HOMM3 but there’s a more detailed story that goes along with each mission.

Heroes Chronicles Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Warlords of the Wasteland
Chapter 2: Conquest of the Underworld
Chapter 3: Masters of the Elements
Chapter 4: Clash of the Dragons
Chapter 5: The World Tree
Chapter 6: The Fiery Moon
Chapter 7: Revolt of the Beastmasters
Chapter 8: The Sword of Frost

Warlords of the Wasteland

Warlords of the Wasteland is the first chapter in the Heroes Chronicles series. It tells the story of Tarnum before the foundation of the kingdom of Erathia. The great barbarian King Jarg ruled the lands until the Wizards of Bracaduun enslaved the barbarians. Tarnum heard about the great king through the last few bards and decides to free the barbarians from the yoke of slavery.

The first chapter consists of 8 scenarios, showing the battles of Tarnum as he becomes a leader, deals with traitors and seeks revenge against the Wizards. Slowly madness descends on Tarnum as he begins to see threats in every corner, even amongst his own advisors. Click the link below for maps and walkthroughs for each scenario.

Warlords of the Wasteland Scenarios

A Barbarian King
The Criminal King
The War for the Mudlands
Siege of the Wallpeaks
Slash and Burn

Conquest of the Underworld

In Conquest of the Underworld Tarnum will take the guise of an Erathian Knight as he battles against Demons, Necromancers and Warlocks. Tarnum must help Queen Allison Gryphonheart rescue the soul of her father who is lost in the Underworld.

Conquest of the Underworld Scenarios

Cerberus Gate
The Boatman
Truth Within Nightmares
Twisted Tunnels
Jorm’s Ambush
Old Wounds
The Queen’s Command
Never Deal with a Demon

Masters of the Elements

Masters of the Elements takes place on Bracada. Tarnum has been swept away by his ancestors and must train to be the very thing he hates, a Wizard, in order to defeat the Elemental Lords.

Masters of the Elements Scenarios

The Trouble with Magic
Walking on Clouds
Don’t Drink the Water
Hard Place
The secret in the Flames
The Magic that Binds
Birds of Fire
Masters of the Elements

Clash of the Dragons

In Clash of the Dragons Tarnum plays the role of Ranger as he defends the Elves and Dwarves of AvLee. The evil Queen Mutare has risen up with legions of dragons and must be defeated. This may be Tarnums greatest struggle yet.

Clash of the Dragons Scenarios

The Dragontalker
Dragon’s Blood
The Dragon Mothers
Dragons of Rust
Dragons of Gassamer Wings
Dragons of Deepest Blue
Clash of Dragons

The World Tree

The World Tree features just 5 scenarios and is the 5th Chapter of Heroes Chronicles. Tarnum is sent to a land far away to save the source of all life, the World Tree, from the Necromancers.

The World Tree Scenarios

A Distant Cry
Senseless Destruction
The World Within
The Roots of Life

The Fiery Moon

The story of the previous chapter continues in The Fiery Moon. Tarnum uses Stronghold armes to free his ancestors from imprisonment and to stop Vorr from destroying the world.

The Fiery Moon is unique in that it’s the only campaign where Tarnum’s artifacts are carried over from one scenario to the next.

The Fiery Moon Scenarios

The Endless Sands
The Nameless Land
The Sparkling Bridge
The Fiery Moon
Vorr, the Insane

Revolt of the Beastmasters

Revolt of the Beastmasters takes place in the Mudlands of Tatalia. Tarnum travels there and becomes a Beastmaster in order to free the Mudlanders, the same Mudlanders he dragged into slavery when he was a Barbarian tyrant.

Revolt of the Beastmasters Scenarios

The First Law
By Royal Decree
The King’s Son
The Ransom
Beyond the Borders
Naming a Nation
The First Tatalian War

The Sword of Frost

The Sword of Frost is a sequel of The Clash of Dragons. Gelu has the Armageddon’s Blade and wants to use it to destroy the Sword of Frost. Tarnum knows that if the two swords are brought together it will bring about the end of the world.

Tarnum must gather the Dungeon creatures of Nighon, who were formally loyal to Queen Mutare, and use them to stop Gelu.

The Sword of Frost Scenarios

Tarnum the Overlord
The Land of the Vori
A New Enemy
A New Ally
The Capture
Tunnels of Ice
The Barbarian’s Wife
The Protectors of the Sword