Shadow Gambit is the latest tactical stealth game by Mimimi games. This time you’ll sail across the oceans with a cursed pirate crew. Each of the crew have their own stories to tell as well as the main mission.

Just like the previous games you’ll control a small party of characters with various abilities but this time you’ll get to rescue and select which crew members you take on each mission. There’s always a way to meet the objectives of each mission no matter who you take but it’s recommended to bring at least one person who can distract or veer enemies off their normal patrol route.

There are a total of 10 different locations where the missions play out. Many of the maps have multiple missions with different objectives, times of day and enemy patrols. At times you can select which mission to complete so the order you play them may be different from the walkthrough below.

Shadow Gambit Walkthrough

Mission 1: Red Marley Rising

Mission 2: A Ship Needs a Crew

Mission 3: Fragments

Mission 4: Bark and Bramble

Mission 5: Haggling with a Plant

Mission 6: Fruits of Her Labor

Mission 7: Prepare for Trouble

Mission 8: Bone and Fingers

Mission 9: Snatched from the Pit

Mission 10: Ash and Ore

Mission 11: Into the Lion’s Den

Mission 12: Ignacia Unleashed

Mission 13: Suleidy’s Cure

Mission 14: Pinkus’ Duty (Ch. 1)

Mission 15: Pinkus’ Duty (Ch. 2)

Mission 16: Toya’s Perfection (Ch. 1)

Mission 17: Toya’s Perfection (Ch. 2)

Mission 18: Gaelle’s Letter (Ch. 1)

Mission 19: Gaelle’s Letter (Ch. 2)

Mission 20: Gaelle’s Letter (Ch. 3)

Mission 21: Graveyard Haunt

Mission 22: The Kumquat Connection

Mission 23: Lighthouse Locutions

Mission 24: Small Crew, Big Plans

Mission 25: The Captain’s Treasure

Mission 26: Measure is Unceasing

Mission 27: Quentin’s Hunt (Ch. 1)

Mission 28: Quentin’s Hunt (Ch. 2)

Mission 29: John’s Revenge (Ch. 1)

Mission 30: John’s Revenge (Ch. 2)

Mission 31: Teresa’s Lament (Ch. 1)

Mission 32: Teresa’s Lament (Ch. 2)