Botany Manor by Balloon Studios has just been released for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. This relaxing puzzle game is set in a Victorian English manor in 1890. You play the role of botanist Arabella Greene, who’s busy finishing the research for her book, Forgotten Flora. To help her complete the book you’ll need to explore the manor and surrounding gardens to find and grow each of the exquisite plants.

The historic manor and idyllic countryside contain clues for figuring out how to grow the rare and exotic plants. These plants are not real but are inspired by nature. You’ll need to think outside the box to find the ideal environments for some of them to thrive.

Botany Manor is designed to be relaxing and peaceful so feel free to take your time and enjoy the sights and sounds of Victorian England. While it is a relaxing game there are some puzzles to figure out.

From the initial playthroughs people are enjoying Botany Manor and describe it as a “lovely little jaunt” through the Victorian mansion and surrounding gardens. It’s a peaceful game and can be finished off in an afternoon.

The puzzles in Botany Manor are fairly straightforward. There’s nothing really to get you off on the wrong track. You just need to figure out which clues go with which plant. Each of the plants have their own theme, making them quite unique. Unfortunately this also makes it easier to figure out which clue goes with which plant.

Botany Manor has a nice aesthetic and the music is calming. Everything about this game is relaxing, from the charming atmosphere, puzzles that aren’t too difficult and music.

The story unfolds as you play and you’ll enjoy seeing the plants grow up as you figure out what they need. Botany Manor is a unique game that certainly hits the right buttons for many gamers. Sadly you can complete the game in around 3 hours with 100% completion. It would be nice to see a longer story or some DLC to give players a bit more enjoyment in this very charming and relaxing world.


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