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Find the 5 Memory Fragments

For this mission you need to find the 5 Memory Fragments. You only have two crew, Alfia and the one you brought back to life. I use Suleidy for the cover plants.

The first Memory is just up the ladder by the tent. Use the Stop Time ability so you can climb up the ladder without being spotted or Plant Cover at the top of the ladder.

Once you’re out of the light you can sneak around for Memory Fragment #1. A quick look at the map will show you the location of the rest of the fragments.

You can split the crew to have one go left and the other right or keep them together. I sent Alfia off to the left for Memory Fragment #2 behind the bushes across the small stream.

In the meantime Suliedy can continue up the ladder past the tent on the right for Memory Fragment #3. Place a cover plant by the memory or take out the patrolling soldier first.

From here there’s three fragments to find. Have one crewmate sneak around to the right to find Memory Fragment #3 by the table at the back. I used cover seeds next to it to stay out of sight.

After finding three Fragments you’ll be given the objective to take out the Iudex.


Defeat the Iudex

With Suleidy you can jump into the water and swim around to the lighthouse. Watch out for walking in the sand as enemies will follow the footprints.

The Iudex is at the top of the lighthouse. Two guards are standing watch out the front. You can get them to follow the footprints in the sand and then sneak around them into the tower.

Alternatively, use both crewmates to take out the guards together. Once the Iudex has been defeated you’ll find a letter on her and get a short cutscene.

There are two Tears on the island. One on either side of the island. The one closest to the lighthouse is probably the easiest to use. I used Timestop to sneak past the guards below, then climbed up the ladder to take out the guard holding the tear.

Once you get back to the Marley you’ll be able to start a Crew Tale. These are optional storylines to learn more about each of the crew.

Choose a crewmate to revive and head to the next mission.

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