The Curse of Monkey Island is the third in the series and follows on from the events in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. It was developed by LucasArts and published in 1997 and is the last game to use the SCUMM engine. It features a more cartoon-like graphical style and is the first game in the series to include voice acting.

Once again the story centers on the exploits of Guybrush Threepwood as he attempts to lift a curse from his lover Elaine Marley. His old nemesis LeChuck is back, along with a French buccaneer, a band of smugglers and some mysterious pirates.


The Curse of Monkey Island uses a Verb Coin that shows up when you hold Left Mouse Button over an item. The crossbone cursor changes to red when you hover over an item that you can interact with. Hold LMB and select the EYES to Examine, the HAND to Use or Take and the MOUTH to Talk to someone. Clicking the Right Mouse Button anywhere but an interactive item opens up the inventory. Clicking the RMB on an interactive item performs the most obvious action such as opening a door or talking to someone. Alternatively you can use the keys below.

E – Examine
T – Talk
U – Use (including pick up)
I – Inventory

F1 – Options
F5 – Save/Load

Part 1: The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck

After the introduction you’ll be below-deck on a ship. Speak with the Pirate Bloodnose. He’s actually Wally the Cartographer from the previous game. After telling him that he’s a “Failure as a pirate” he’ll break down crying, giving you a Book dropping his plastic hook. Pick up the Hook and the Ram Rod on the back wall. Open your inventory and combine the Hook with the Ram Rod to create a Gaff.

Use the Cannon to take out the Skeleton Crews in the boats below. Use the Gaff to grab the Skeleton Arm holding the Cutlass. Talk to Murray, the talking skull, then use the Gaff to knock him off the floating wood. Use the Cutlass to cut the cannon restraint rope and then fire the cannon.

It’s time to escape this sinking ship so pick up the Bag of Nickels to the left of the portrait of LeChuck. This will reveal a Diamond Ring hidden behind the bag. Pick it up and use the Diamond Ring to cut a hole in the porthole so that you can make your escape.

Part 2: The Curse Gets Worse

After Elaine is turned into a golden statue take the Glowing Ember on the ground to the right. Follow the path to the right, past the voodooo markings towards the swamp. This will take you to the island map. Click on the ship stranded in the swamp. Murray, the talking skull, has somehow made his way here. Talk to him and then enter the shipwreck.

Look at the voodoo dolls on the floor and pick up the Voodoo Pin and the Paste. Use the Nickels on the gum machine to get a Pack of Gum. Finally pull the alligator tongue and the Voodoo Lady from the previous two games will appear and tell you what’s going on. To lift the curse you’ll need to give Elaine a diamond ring. There is one on Blood Island but you’ll need a Map, a Crew and a Ship to get there.

Once you’re done talking to the Voodoo Lady leave the shipwreck. For some fun give Murray some of your gum so he can blow bubbles with it. Go back to the map and enter the town.

The Theatre

Walk past the Lemon Stand, you can chat with the vendor if you want, to the large building in the center of town. This is the Theatre. The front door of the theatre is closed so you’ll need to enter through the side door. Pick up the Magic Wand from the vanity and use it on the magic hat. A book will appear. Take the Book and look at it to see it’s Book on Ventriloquism. Look at the coat and you’ll notice a pocket. Examine the pocket to find a glove. Take the Glove and then take the “dandruff” from the coat shoulder. It’s not really dandruff, it’s Lice!

Walk onto the stage to the right and talk to the actor Slappy Cromwell. He knows an agent who knows how to get to Blood Island but he may not tell you about him. When you are done talking to him leave the theatre.

The Barbary Coast

By the sea is a barber shop called The Barbary Coast. Enter and talk to the barbers. They look like they’d make a good crew. The three pirates are named Edward, Bill and Haggis. They will all want something from you before they’ll agree to join your crew.

The Captain getting a haircut won’t let you talk to Haggis so you’ll need to get rid of him. Notice how Haggis keeps placing his comb down to look at his book. When he places the comb on the table quickly use the Lice on the comb. The Captain will be thrown out.

Talk to the barber and find out his name is Haggis McMutton. Ask him for a haircut and you’ll take a seat. When Haggis looks away use the handle on the side of the chair to lift the chair up slightly. Use the hand icon on the Paperweight. Guybrush will use his foot to knock it off and slip it into his pocket. When Haggis walks away to find another paperweight use the handle three times until you’re high enough to grab the Scissors from the ceiling.

Use the hand icon to pat Bill on the back. When he starts choking pat him on the back again and he’ll spit a jawbreaker from his mouth. Pick up the Jawbreaker from the floor.

The Duel

Edward will only follow a captain who can beat him in a duel. Take out your Glove and slap him with it. He’ll take you outside for a duel. He wants you to select a pistol but if you select any of them he’ll always win. Instead close the box lid of the middle case and select the Banjo behind it.

When the banjo duel begins you’ll need to copy the last note of each of his sequences. They are random each time. After the third round Edward will begin playing too well. Take a Pistol from selection of guns and use it to shoot his banjo. He’ll be impressed by your dirty play and agree to join your crew.

The Jungle

Bill won’t join your crew until you can find him some treasure. Walk back towards the lemonade stand and use the scissors on the flowers at the end of the alley to get an Ipecac Flower. Guybrush will keep snipping away at the vines until he’s cleared a way. You’ll end up on a hill overlooking Danger Cove. Look at the snake sign… uh oh, it has you!

You can’ t pick up anything outside of the snake but use the hand icon on the things inside the snake’s belly. You’ll pick up a Faberge Egg, Vacuum Cleaner Attachments and Lots-O-Stuff. Open up your inventory to see lots of interesting items. Use the Ipecac flower with the Pancake Cyrup to make Ipecac Syrup. Use this syrup with the snake head and it will spit you out into the quicksand.

Take a Thorn from the thorny plant and a Reed. Combine them both together to make a Pea Shooter. Use the Paperweight with the Balloon and use it. Use the mouth icon on it to blow on it and it will float away from you. Eventually it will hover above the vine. Use the Pea Shooter to pop the balloon so the paperweight drops and frees the vine. Guybrush will pull himself out to safety.

Blondebeard’s Chicken

Walk to the right back to Puerto Pollo and enter Blondebeard’s Chicken to the right of the lemonade stand. Use your Reservation Slip to gain entrance. Take a Biscuit from the barrel to the right and eat it. Yuck, Maggots! Take the Biscuit Cutter and Pie Pan from the shelf.

Talk to the man at the table and Guybursh and then push him. He’s dead! Take the Serrated Knife from his back. Put the Maggots on the chicken and they’ll devour it. Take the Membership Card from the remains of the chicken.

Talk to Blondebeard and he’ll tell you about his chickens. Give him the Jawbreaker. This will loosen his gold tooth. Now give him some gum and he’ll start blowing bubbles. Use the pin on the bubble and then take the Gold Tooth from the floor. He won’t let you leave while you have it in your inventory so chew some Gum and then put the Gold Tooth in the Gum Wad. Use the Helium Balloon to take a breath of helium and then quickly blow (use mouth icon) on the Tooth in the Gum Wad. Guybrush will blow it into a bubble and it will fly out the window.

Leave the restaurant and use the Pie Pan in the mud puddle to find the Gold Tooth. Go back to The Barbary Coast and show the Gold Tooth to Bill. He’ll be so impressed that he’ll agree to join your crew.

Caber Toss

The last member of the crew is Haggis McMutton but you’ll need to defeat him in a test of strength, the Caber Toss, before he’ll agree to follow you. You can try to challenge him if you want but you’ll lose badly.

Go to the duelling field, through the arch to the right of the theatre. Use the Biscuit Cutter on the tree to the right to get a Rubber Plug. Walk up to the Grassy Knoll  and use the Serrated Knife on the saw horse. The keg o’ rum will roll into the rubber tree and leave behind a trail of rum. Use the Burning Ember on the trail of rum. This will blow up the rubber tree and send it into the pile of cabers. Challenge Haggis to a test of strength and this time you’ll win the competition. Haggis will join as the last member of your crew. All you need now is a map and a ship.

The Map

Go to the Brimstone Beach Club and show the membership card that you got from Blondebeard’s Chicken to the Cabana Boy. Take Three Towels and dip them in the ice bucket to wet them. Use the wet towels to flick the Cabana Boy. He’ll run off leaving you free to take the Cooking Oil.

Walk to the beach. The sands very hot so you won’t get far. Place down the three wet towels to make a bridge across the sand and speak to the sunbathing agent, Palido Domingo. The map to Blood Island is tattooed on his back but he may not tell you about it. Just take the Mug for now and head out through the gate.

Go to the lemonade stand and use the mug from the beach with the bottomless mug on the table and you’ll switch them arouond. Order lemonade from the vendor, Kenny, and he’ll run away. Take the Pitcher and use it with the dye vat to the right. Return to the beach and give Palido Domingo the bottomless mug. Use the Pitcher that you filled with red dye on the mug. Palido will roll over, revealing the map on his back. Use Cooking Oil on his back and once he’s burnt you can peel off the Map.

The Ship

Make your way to Danjer Cove. Put Paste on the Rubber Plug and then use it to fill the hole in the row boat. Use the row boat to row out to the pirate ship. Use the Serrated Knife to saw off the plank above your head and climb onto the ship. At this point you’ll meet Mr. Fossy and you’ll be tarred and feathered.

Walk back into town and enter Blondebeard’s Kitchen. Remember how he’s looking for a large chicken? He’ll kidnap you and bring you to the pirate ship again. Use the Book of Ventriloquism with Captain LeChimp. Once Mr. Fossy runs off Guybrush will automatically pick up the Treasure Map. Open the back window and make your escape back to town.

Enter the theatre through the side entrance and head upstairs. The monkey’s have been messing around up here. Pull the Switch to shine a light on the mound of dirt on the stage. You need to press the buttons so that the light forms an X. Look at the Treasure Map for clues. The buttons must be pressed in this order: SE, NW, W, S, E, NE, NE, E and SW. The X will show you where Elaine is buried.

The chest next to the side door should be open. Pour Cooking Oil over the cannon balls to make them slippery. When the actor comes for them he’ll slip right off-stage. Walk onto stage, pick up the Shovel and you’ll dig up the Statue of Elaine.

Part 3: Three Sheets to the Wind

At the beginning of this chapter Captain Rottingham will steal the map from you. You can choose either easy or hard sea fighting but it won’t make much difference. The sword fighting is the same as the first Monkey Island game and you’ll need to learn the correct insults and responses to win the fights.

When you spot another pirate ship get as close to them as possible and use the cannon to blow them out of the water. Use the right-mouse button for firing the cannons and left-mouse button for moving. Once you’ve won the cannon fight you’ll board the ship where the sword fighting and insults will begin. Each time you lose a swordfight you’ll learn more insults or responses. Eventually when you know enough of them you’ll start winning the fights.

Some ships are loaded with booty. When you find them you can go back to Puerto Pollo and upgrade your cannons at the heavy artillery stand where the lemonade stand used to be. Once you’ve upgraded the cannons as much as you can set your sights on Rottingham.

Captain Rottingham will use different insults than the other pirates but the answers are the same. Just use the responses that seems to fit best. Once he’s been defeated you’ll recover the Map and set sail once more for Blood Island.

Part 4: The Bartender, the Thieves, his Aunt and her Lover


After you crash on the island the crew will mutiny. Pick up the Bottle and then head for the hotel. Inside you’ll find Madam Xima, the fortune teller. Ask her about your future and she’ll read your fortune. After the reading she’ll place a Tarot Card on the table. Pick it up and ask for a reading four more times. Pick up all the Tarot Cards. You should have five of them.


Try to speak to the bartender. Unfortunately he’s too hung over. Look at the Recipe Book on the bar and flip through to page 8 to find the hangover cure. You’ll need one egg, a pepper an the hair of a dog that bit ‘ya. They can be found at the beach, windmill and cemetery.

Take the Cushion and leave the hotel out the front door, head around the back to the cemetery and then left past the tombstones. Take the Mallet and Chisel. Give the maggoty biscuit to the dog and he’ll bite you. Take some of his Hair and leave.


Make your way to the windmill and pick a Pepper from the pepper bush to the right of the windmill.


Head to the beach and use the cushion on the rocks under the rubber tree. Use the mallet on the rubber tree and the egg in the nest will fall on the cushion. Pick up the Egg and walk back to the hotel.


Give the egg, pepper and smelly dog hair to the bartender and he’ll brighten up and give you the rest of the Head-B-Clear hangover remedy. Now you can chat with him about his family, the resort, business and the lost diamond. Order all of his drinks. One of them has an Umbrella.

Use the chisel to open the cap of Head-B-Clear, mix it with the grog and take a drink. When you wake up you’ll be in a coffin.


Use the chisel to escape and take the Nails. Open the coffin in the middle of the crypt to find Stan from the last game who promptly gives you a Laminated Business Card. Leave the crypt and head back to the hotel.


Make your way back to the hotel and speak to the bartender again. You’ll need to prove you’re part of the family. Go upstairs to the first bedroom on the left. Hit the nail in the wall with your mallet. Leave the room and pick up the Nail and Portrait. Use the scissors to cut a hole in the portrait and hang it up on the left door. Walk through the door and look through the porthole. Griswold will walk past and notice the portrait with your face in the middle.


Head back to the crypt. Stan has transformed it into a life insurance office. Buy the Life Insurance Policy from Stan, paying for it with the gold tooth.


Go back to the hotel and use the laminated business card to enter the room on the second floor. Pull down the bed and use the nails on the bed to keep it held down. You still need one more so use the single nail from the portrait on the bed as well. Take the Book and read it. This is the Goodsoup Family History.

Head downstairs and speak to Griswold. Say to him “Uncle Griswold, it’s me! Don’t you recognize me?” Now that you used your face in the portrait he’ll think you look familiar. Talk to him about the family history you’ll be accepted as part of the family. Order another drink, add Head-B-Clear and drink it down. This time you’ll be buried in the family crypt.

Goodsoup Family Crypt

Look in the crumbling hole for a blast from the past. Speak with Griswold’s deceased Aunt, Minnie Goodsoup. She has a diamond engagement ring but won’t give it up until she gets married. Walk to the left and pick up the Crowbar and Murray when he falls down from the roof. Look through the crack to see Mort. He won’t let you out so use the glue on the skeleton arm and use it through the crack to take Mort’s Lantern. In your inventory use Murray with the Lantern. Mort will get scared and let you out.


Head back to the hotel and enter the back room. Take the Death Certificate. Take the Refrigerator Magnet and use the chisel on the wheel of cheese to take a Piece of Cheese. Leave the room. Take the Tips Jar from the bar. Mr Goodsoup will complain but he’ll let you take it.

Walk upstairs and enter the room with the skeleton. If you spoke with Minnie Goodsoup about everything you’ll know the skeleton is her lost love. Use the crowbar to remove the boards behind the bed. Use the crowbar on the bed to remove all the nails and you’ll launch the skeleton through the hole in the wall. He’ll land in the family crypt and marry Minnie.

Goodsoup Family Crypt

After the wedding the engagement band will be left behind. Take the Engagement Band, go see Stan and give him the death certificate to get Lots of Money.

Strange Lights

Go to the “Strange Lights”, which is actually a village. Take the Block of Tofu from the buffet table. Walk to the right and take the Auger and Measuring Cup. Talk to the cannibal to learn about the volcano. In your inventory make a Tofu Mask by combining the block of tofu with the auger. Put the mask on and then walk up the hill to watch the ceremony.

When the ceremony is over and the locals start warming their marshmallows by the lava throw the hunk of nacho cheese in the lava. The volcano will explode and lava will start flowing across the island once more!


Head back to the ship and speak with Haggis about the lotion. Ask him about it again. He’s prepared to trade it with you but want’s something sticky in return.


Go to the hotel and use the hunk of cheese with the cooking pot. Take the Cooking Pot and trade it with Haggis for the Lotion. Visit Elaine and use the hand lotion on her and the cursed ring will slip right off.


Go to the windmill and use the umbrella on the blades to get to the top. Use the tips jar with the barrel to fill it with sugar water. Go to the statue of Elaine. It’s between the Shipwreck and the Beach.


Place the jar of sugar water on the stump. The fireflies will be attracted to it and fly inside. Open your inventory and use the chisel to poke holes in the jar lid. Place the jar lid on the jar and take the Jar with Fireflies.


Go back to the hotel and take the Mirror from behind the bar. Griswold won’t let you walk off with it so order another drink and spike it with Head-B-Clear. You’ll die, again, but at least you get to keep the mirror.


Head to the lighthouse and use the mirror over the old one and place the firefly lantern where the light should be.


Make your way to the beach and speak to the Flying Welshman. He can’t set sail without a compass. Use the pin with the magnet to magnetize it. Bite the cork from the shaving soap bottle to pull it out then use the pin with the cork. Use the measuring cup with sea water and then put the pin in the cup to make a Compass. Give the compass to the Welshman and he’ll take you to Skull Island.

Skull Island

Walk up the hill and speak with the winch operator. He’ll lower you down but a little too roughly. As you fall open your umbrella and you’ll land in Smuggler’s Cove. Go inside and play some poker with the smugglers. When you’re given your hand lay down the five tarot cards instead. You’ll win with 5-of-a-kind. Go back to the Welshman and return to the island.


Go back to see Elaine. Use the diamond with the engagement band to make a Diamond Ring. Give the diamond ring to Elaine.

Part 5: Kiss of the Spider Monkey

LeChuck has thrown some kind of kid spell on you and now you’re as small as a child. Some Head-B-Clear should fix you up. The ingredients are One Egg, Pepper and the Hair of Dog that Bit ‘Ya.

Talk to Dinghy to win a prize. Select the Anchor and put it in your pie pan. Put shaving foam over it to turn it into a Fake Pie. Put the fake pie on the stack of meringue pies. The Wharf Rat will shoot the pie at the attendant, knocking him out. Walk in front of the cannon and the rat will shoot a pie at you. You’ll get some Meringue, which is made from egg.

Push the Dinghy Dog six times until he bites you. You’ll automatically grab some Dog Hair. Talk to the Snow cone Man and ask for a Plain Snow Cone. Take the Peppermill and put pepper on the snow cone. Add the merengue and dog hair and eat the snow cone for a not so delicious treat. At least your head will be clear and you’ll be back to normal size.

Part 6: Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again

The roller coaster will take you around to four dioramas. You’ll need to do something at each of them but if you stay too long LeChuck will show up and force you to leave. The first diorama is the 3-Headed Monkey. Grab the Rope and continue to the next one. At the Pirate Ship Diorama take the Keg of Rum.

The third diorama is a display of Guybrush on a Rack. Open the lantern. Blow out the flame and take the Flask o’ Oil. The last diorama is the Giant Snow Monkey. Get out and open your inventory. Use the Rope with the Flask of Oil and then the Rope with the Keg o’ Rum. Place the”bomb” in the hand of the giant monkey at the top of the diorama.

Walk back down and get the Pepper Mill from your inventory ready. As soon as LeChuck shows up use the Peppermill on him to complete the game.

Congratulations on completing The Curse of Monkey Island. If you haven’t played the earlier games in the series make sure you check out The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2.