Botanicula WalkthroughBotanicula is an indie point-and-click adventure game following the humorous adventures of 5 quirky creatures. It was released in 2012 by Amanita Design for Windows and Linux and has an almost perfect positive score on Steam.

Botanicula has been described as a heartwarming adventure that takes you through over 150 detailed and beautiful locations with hundreds of funny animations and secret bonuses. You control 5 little characters as they try to plant a light seed while avoiding the dark parasites that also inhabit their tree.

Botanicula Walkthrough

The Three Feathers

The Five Keys

The Five Wishes

The Three Lost Children

The Fourteen Birds

The Four Colored Discs

The Five White Orbs

Playable Characters

Mr. Twig
– Is a tall and skinny creature with many arms that can stretch to reach items. He also has the unique ability to grow flowers.


Mr. Lantern – Is a small nut-like creature that holds the light seed within his body. This enables him to glow and gives him power.


Mrs. Mushroom – The only female of the group. She is able to duplicate herself and shrink to a smaller size.


Mr. Feather – This little character flutters about and is the only one of the group who can fly.


Mr. Poppyhead – Is a larger, more solid character. Probably the strongest creature of the bunch.


Botanicula is the award-winning game by Amanita Design and was released for Windows, OS X and Linux in 2012. The protagonists are 5 little creatures who are trying to plant a light side and protect it from the evil parasites that inhabit the tree. Throughout the game you’ll be able to unlock 123 creature cards that can be found while exploring the 15o plus locations.

Amanita Design was first brought into the limelight with their popular browser game, Samorost, released back in 2003. Samorost 3 is the latest release from this company and have recently announced the planning of their latest creation, Chuchel, which will be released some time in 2017.