In Space Quest 1 you play as janitor Roger Wilco. While sleeping peacefully in your broom closet you awaken to find the ship has been taken over by aliens who have killed all of your crewmates and taken the Star Generator.  You must find your way off the spaceship Arcada, work your way through the desert of Kerona and find the Deltaur to destroy the Star Generator.

Aboard the Arcada

You find yourself outside the broom closet on board the spaceship Arcada. There are a few thing you must find here before you should continue. Watch out for wandering Sariens. As soon as you see the words “You hear footsteps approaching.” move off the screen, into an elevator or your broom closet to stay out of sight of any Sariens. Save frequently as there are many ways to die.

Walk to the left until you find a crew mate lying on the floor. “Search man” and you’ll find a keycard. Take the keycard.

Space Quest 1 Arcada

Space Quest Keycard

Walk back to the right until you find the ships library, a room with a computer and cartridges. Wait here for a while and a professor will come in. You may need to leave for a while and return later when the man is there. “Talk to man” and he will tell you what cartridge you need to retrieve.

Move closer to the computer and type “Look screen” when it asks you for the name of they cartridge type “Astral Body”.

Walk out of the room and find an elevator down. From this level you want to find another elevator down which will take you to the docking bays.

Move to the right one screen and you’ll see the docking bay controls. “Look panel” and then “press open bay door button”. This will open the bay doors so you can escape.

Continue to the right and you’ll see another elevator. You’ll need your keycard for this one so walk close to the panel and “insert keycard” to open the elevator door. Walk into the elevator and it will take you down to the airlock.

Space Quest 1 Vehicle Bay

Space Quest 1 Airlock

Move over to the buttons between the closets and “press left button”. Look in the closet and “take gadget”. This is a translator that you will need later on in the game. Type “turn gadget on”.

“Press right button” and look in the right closet. You will find a flight suite. “Take suite” and you’ll immediately be wearing it.

Next move to the control center. Have a look at the controls and “push airlock”. Walk to the right and you’ll be in the vehicle bay room. Go to the controls and “push button”. This will raise up the escape pod. Move to the left side of the vehicle and “get in pod”.

You are now inside the escape pod. Make sure you remember to “wear seatbelt”. “Close door” and “push power button” and the escape pod will come to life. “Pull throttle” and you’ll take off into outer space.

For a bit of fun “push don’t touch button” and you’ll get a little animation of Kings Quest 2. Otherwise “push autonav” to finish this part of Space Quest 1.



After escaping the Arcada before its destruction you crash land on the planet Kerona. Before you do anything “take off seatbelt”. Look at the pod and “take kit”.  This is your survival kit. Look kit and you will find an Xenon army knife and dehydrated water.

“Get out” and walk to the front of the pod. “Take glass”. This is reflective glass that we’ll need later on.

Walk to the right three screens and then take the path that leads up. Follow the path all the way around over a bridge that will crack as you walk on it. A spider droid will drop to the ground at some stage. Just ignore it for now. There are two pillars at the end of the path. Stand between them and you’ll be lowered into the earth by a secret elevator.

Space Quest 1 Kerona path

Space Quest 1 Kerona Spider

On the ground is a rock. “Take rock” and move to the left one screen. You’ll see a large grate on the ground. You want to avoid this by moving to the top of the screen as close to the rock wall as possible. On the other side of the grate you’ll see a geyser spouting out steam. “Put rock on geyser” to open the door to the north and walk through it.

You’ll see a pool of acid here. Just walk to the north of the screen and then to the left to get through.

Now three laser beams block your path. “Put glass in beam” to deflect the lasers upon themselves. Continue up the path and around to the right. You’ll need to time it just right to get through the three sets of dripping acid. Continue walking to the right until you find a dark room with an alien presence.

Space Quest 1 beams

Space Quest 1 Hologram

You need to have your translator turned on to hear the alien. He’ll tell you to kill the Orat and takes you back to the planets surface.

The Orat lives in a cave to the east and there are two ways to kill him. You can either throw the dehydrated water at him or lead the spider droid into his cave. When the spider droid starts following you head into Orats cave and hide behind the rocks to the south. The spider will detonate and leave a piece of the Orat behind. “Take chunk”. If you do throw the dehydrated water at the Orat you can kill the spider droid by pushing the boulder on him from the cracked bridge.

Head all the way back to the alien presence and “drop chunk” as proof of killing the Orat. A door will open and you can move into the secret Keronian settlement. A computer is here that you can use so “put cartridge in slot” and you’ll learn more about the Star Generator.

Very importantly here you’ll get the code, 6858, to self-destruct the Star Generator. “Take cartridge” and head over to the skimmer. “Get on skimmer” and “turn key”. You’ll need to navigate your way around the desert rocks until you come to the settlement of Ulence Flats.


Ulence Flats

When you arrive at Ulence Flats make sure you “take key” before getting off the skimmer. Type “get off skimmer” and a man will approach you to offer to buy the skimmer for 30 buckazoids. Reject this offer. You can do much better than that.

Head into the bar and back out again. The man will return and this time offer you a better deal for the skimmer, 30 buckazoids and a jetpack. Say “yes” to this offer. Now it’s time to head back into the bar.

Space Quest 1 Ulence Flats

Space Quest 1 Bar

Walk over to the arcade machine and start playing. Bet $3 at a time and save your game when you get a big win. Restore your game if you lose too much money. You will need 250 buckazoids before you finish playing, plus extra for beer.

Head over to the right hand side of the bar and wait for the barman to approach. When he does “buy beer” and “drink beer”. Continue buying and drinking beer until you overhear a conversation about the whereabouts of the Deltaur in sector HH.

Exit the bar, head to the west and you’ll find Tiny’s Used Spacecraft. The spaceship you want to buy is one screen to the north, a Drallion model cruiser. “Buy ship” for 214 buckazoids.

Walk to the right two screens and enter the Droids B Us store. A salesman approaches you. Follow him up the stairs to the white droid and “buy droid”.

Head back to your ship and “climb ladder”. The droid will get into position for loading. Type “load droid” and the droid will ask what sector you want to head for. Type “HH”.

Space Quest 1 Tinys Spaceships

Space Quest 1 Ship Ulence Flats

Watch the animation and once you find the Deltaur “wear jetpack” and “get out of ship”.  Fly over to the Deltaur.


Aboard the Deltaur

You are just outside the Deltaur. Move to the center of the screen and “open door”. This will take you into the airlock.

Wait for the sweeper droid to open the door then head out to the north into a room with a trunk on the floor. “Open trunk” and “put jetpack in trunk”. “Push trunk” to the wall that has a vent.

“Close trunk” then “stand on trunk”. You’ll be next to the vent. If you hear footsteps you’ll have to hurry. “Open vent” then “climb in vent” and you’ll find yourself in the air ventilation system.

Space Quest 1 Deltaur

Space Quest 1 Vent

Climb the ladder one screen then head off to the right. You’ll bump your head into a closed vent so “kick vent” then “open vent”. You’ll find yourself in the laundry. Move to the washing machine. “Open unit” and then “get in unit”. You’re about to go for a spin!

A Sarien will come in and start the wash cycle. Once it’s finished you’ll be wearing a Sarien uniform. “Open unit” and “look uniform”. You’ll find a Sarien ID card.

Head to the right and get in the first elevator on the left. Once you get out head all the way to the left and take the elevator up. Walk all the way to the right until you find the armory.

“Show ID card” to the robot and it will go off to find your weapon. While it’s out of the room walk over to the grenades and quickly “take grenade”. Once the robot gives you your pulseray you’ll be able to fire it with the F6 key.

Walk one screen to the left until your above the Star Generator and the Sarien guard. “Drop grenade” to kill the Sarien. Walk all the way to the left and you’ll slip, knocking your helmet off your head.

From now on you’ll need to fire your pulseray immediately whenever a Sarien enters the screen.

Take the elevator down and head all the way to the right to the Star Generator. Move close to the body and “search body”. You’ll find the force field controller for the Star Generator. “Push button” and the force field will turn off.

Space Quest 1 Star Generator

Space Quest 1 Star Generator Code

Walk up to the generator and “look panel”. You’ll need to type in the self destruct code which is “6858”.

Head one screen to the west and take the elevator. Now walk into the right elevator which will take you down to the shuttle launch bay. “Get in shuttle” and “press button”.

Congratulations you have won Space Quest 1 and saved the day! Enjoy the ending animation.

Space Quest 1 was designed by the Two Guys From Andromeda, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe and released in 1986. It was meant to be a fun, silly game in contrast to the more serious Sierra games such as the Kings Quest series.




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