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Profundo Lamento

From the City drop down into the entrance to Profundo Lamento. On the way down now you will be able to grab the Mark of Martyrdom (1) from the Altar using the double-jump to reach the ledge.

Continue down and go right to the Shrine (S1). Head to the right and jump up to the Altar for a Mark of Martyrdom (2). The gate to the left is closed for now so take the lower right exit to the Streets of Wakes.

Streets of Wakes

There is Cherub 27/33 (1) in the first room but you’ll need to go two rooms to the right, up and then along the platforms back to the left to reach it.

When you drop down head back to the right until you reach the Portal Room. Drop down to the Shrine. There’s only one shrine in this region.

Enter the room to the left (2). You can either kneel or not to the hand. This changes where you find the Broken Key to open the door behind it. Give the hand your Fervent Kisses to increase your Fervor.

From the shrine enter the room to the right (3). This is the Daughter Room where you’ll fight challenges for each daughter you find. Right now you probably only have access to the first challenge.

Enter the dream and take up the first challenge. You’ll need to fight waves of smaller enemies but the first one shouldn’t be too difficult.

After the challenge you’ll be rewarded with the Tirso Altarpiece and the first lamp above the bed will light up.

Enter the room above to the right (4). This is where you hand in Rosary Knots to increase the number of beads you can quip. As you increase your capacity the candles above her stall will go out. You can have a maximum of five rosary beads.

Continue up to the top of the room with the shrine and smash down to break the wall to the top right. Go through and break the glass to open the shortcut and pick up the Wax Seed (5).

Go back and take the top exit to the left. Continue through the small room to the next street. On the left side use the angel rings to jump up to the top right. Smash down to break the wall and enter the small room for Sealed Envelope #1 (6).

Leave the room and take the exit to the left. Drop down and go to the right for an Altar with 800 Tears. Then go to the left. Jump onto the platform on the left and use the statue. The mirror to the right will move over to the left.

Use the mirrors to dash across to the ledge on the far right where you’ll find a Fervent Kiss (7).

Smash down from the platforms to open the exit to the left and go through. First climb up and take the exit at the to right to open the shortcut. Then grab the Embossed Rat Skull Rosary Bead (8) from the chest.

Head back and drop down to the floor. Go to the left for the Forlorn Patio (9) where you can buy lots of items. If you miss items along the way they’ll often show up here.

When you’re done here return to the City of the Blessed Name.

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