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Chapel of Five Doves

When you’re ready for the final ascent and boss fight climb up to the top of the Chapel of Five Doves. The door to the right will still be locked but the door to the left is open.

Crimson Rains

Take the exit to the left and you’ll meet the Moving Merchant (1) one last time. He’ll sell you the Jaloque Altarpiece. This is the final piece needed for the True Ending.

Climb up to the Shrine and place the Altarpieces in this order. Cierzo top left, Gregal top right, Lebeche bottom left and Jaloque bottom right. They will all point to the center.

Return to the top of the Chapel of Five Doves and open the door to the right. Go inside and interact with the fire in the bath. The altarpieces will be destroyed but you’ll be given the Incense of the Envoys (2) in return.

Head back to the left and climb up to the Shrine. From there go to the right and climb up. After you take out the swordsman jump across the thorns to the right.

Jump up the angel rings until you find 5000 Tears on a ledge (3). Drop down and dash back across to where you killed the swordsman. Climb up and take the exit above to (4).

There is something to the left but you’ll need to reach it from a higher ledge so go to the right first. Take out another swordsman and make the big jump to the next ledge.

Continue to the right and then jump around the thorns and up as you work your way to the top of the room. Ride the platform across to the left and take out the enemies that spawn in.

As you defeat the last enemy a ledge rises up so you can take the exit above but don’t take it yet. Instead run to the left and jump off the edge to land on a moving platform.

About half way down you’ll see a mirror to the left. Use them to teleport up to the item on the ledge above.

Pick up the Mark of Martyrdom, drop down and take the exit above.

Jump up to the left and take out another swordsman. Continue up and drop down on the right for the angel rings. Use them to keep climbing up and to the right.

You’ll have another battle with enemies spawning in (6). Take them all out and the ledge will lift up so you can reach the exit above.

There’s only one way to go here, up. Jump up the platforms, taking out the swordsman along the way while avoiding the falling blood.

Once you reach the top ledge it looks like there’s nowhere to go.

You can jump to a ledge off the screen to the right. Continue across the small ledges and up. You’ll have one more battle with numerous small enemies. Once you’ve taken them all out run to the left for the Portal Room.

Go to the left, climb up and back to the right for the Shrine before the final boss fights.

Evertino Boss Fight

The first phase of the Eviterno boss fight is fairly straightforward with the boss repeating a series of 3 or 4 attacks.

He’ll send out fireballs, 2 at a time and then a group of 5 with one green one. If you hit the green one back at Eviterno he’ll get stunned for a few seconds.

Eviterno can also send out 3 walls of lightning that you need to aerial dash past. He floats up high and sends down a sun attack that explodes and releases waves of fire that you need to double-jump over.

Once you learn these attacks they’re not all that difficult to evade. With practice you can even do this phase hitless.

Eviterno Phase 2

Once Eviterno has been defeated the first time he’ll grab the Crimson Sword and you’ll be teleported to a different arena.

This phase is much more difficult and even unfair at first. Eviterno performs sweeping attacks, teleports around the room, moves much more quickly and sometimes attacks in a series of 3 or 4 swings.

I found the other two weapons too slow for this boss fight and used the daggers, Sarmiento and Centella. If you upgrade the passive lightning ability to the third level you can do a ton of damage very quickly and melt bosses, even Eviterno.  Use the first phase to build up the lightning charge and try to keep it active for as much of the second phase as possible.

Once Eviterno is down to about 1/3 health you’ll be teleported to a black arena where you’ll be quickly attacked by various bosses.

These attacks are the same every time so you’ll quickly learn the sequence to dodge them. After them Eviterno will give a large slashing attacking filling up most of the screen. If you slide at the right moment you won’t take any damage.

Finish off Eviterno and you’ll get a little cutscene. Interact with the body of Eviterno to go to the final boss for the game. If you have the Incense of the Envoys agree to use it and you’ll get the True Ending.

Incarnate Devotion Boss Fight

The final boss fight is against Incarnate Devotion. You’ll need to hit the center golden heart while dodging his attacks.

For the first attack 4 flowers will appear and the heart will be shielded from all damage. You’ll need to destroy the 4 flowers to make the shield disappear. If you take too long the flowers will reappear in the order you destroyed them.

Blue flames will fill the entire floor section so you’ll need to stay on the platforms. The other attacks include a series of exploding bombs that you can double-jump over or moving lasers that you’ll need to aerial dash through.

Incarnate Devotion has a lot of health so you’ll need to learn how to dodge these attacks if you want to stay alive. His attacks also do a ton of damage. While this isn’t the easiest boss he’s still much simpler than Eviterno.

Once Incarnate Devotion has been defeated you’ll get an ending cutscene depending on whether you followed the path to the True Ending or not. Congratulations on completing Blasphemous 2!

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