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The Three Feathers

Creature Cards: 12

After the cut-scene you’ll be shown a tree with fruitsĀ or flowers at the end of the branches. I’ll show a picture of each scene and then describe the actions that you need to take for each scene to unlock all bonus creature cards and to progress with the story.

Click on all 7 of the little fruits. One of them will drop to the ground and be found by Mr. Lantern. The other creatures will join him and the real part of the game begins.

Click on the brown rock creature. To make it past this creature you’ll need to bring back the missing 3 feathers. Go up.

Click on the twigs until they sprout flowers. Click on the little spiky creature at the bottom and then the on the leaves he hides behind until you unlock the red fly creature card.

Click on the little green creature half hiding behind a leaf at the top once to make him move and again to have him eat a leaf. When you leave this screen and come back you’ll unlock his creature card. Go left.

Click on the twigs until they sprout flowers and if you’ve done the same with the twigs on the previous screen you’ll be given the Mr. Twig creature card.

Click on the leaf up the top to reveal a spider. Pull the spider down and click on the balloon to get the spider creature card. Go left.

Click on Mr. Twig and he’ll walk under the nasty creatures to get the feather. You’ll also get another creature card. Go right. Go up.

Click on the pod to release an insect. Leave the screen and come back to receive the insect creature card. go down, right and then up.

Click on each one of the creatures that look like Mr. Poppyhead for a Mr. Poppyhead creature card. Go down, up to the right and up to the right once more.

Click on the brown leaf. Each time a different animal will come out. After clicking 4 times the feather will appear and float down. You’ll automatically go down to where the feather dropped.

Click on Mr. Feather for a creature card. Click on Mrs. Mushroom for a creature card. Click on Mr. Lantern who will pull out a shell. Click on Mr. Poppyhead who will blow on the shell and release the feather.

Keep clicking on the shell until a creature comes out and walks off. This gives you another creature card. Go right.

Click on the feather that floats by for the third feather. Go left, left and then down.

Click on the brown rock creature to give him the feathers and receive his creature card. Go down to the left.

You’ll be stopped by some hallucinogenic mushrooms for a little while. Once the cut-scene has finished continue down and to the left for one last creature card.

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