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The Guest Area

Nomes: 3
Statues: 2

When you drop down to the large pipe at the beginning of the chapter walk through the crack in the wall to the left to find a Lamp and Nome #1 in a small room.

Squeeze back through the wall and continue right along the pipe. Climb up the ladder and drop down through the hole to the outside. Jump to grab the chain and make your way up.

You’ll begin to see how massive this ship is as you see the guests boarding the Maw in the background.

Enter through another hole and run along the beam to the other side. Drop down and pull open a plank of wood so you can continue through the tunnel.

At the other side you’ll drop onto a pipe. Continue along and then climb up the side of a building where the guests are entering. You’ll see the Lady watching from a distance.

Crawl in through the small hole and jump across the row of lamps hanging down from the ceiling. When you reach the balcony on the other side squeeze through the partially open door.

Continue running to the right. One of the guests will notice you when you accidentally kick over a bottle. Keep running and get ready to jump up to a small ledge to climb into the next room. When you see the pile of dishes on the table climb up to the table and then up the pile of dishes. The two guests at the table won’t be able to reach you. Jump across to swing from the light.

Drop into the next room and make your way to the right. A Nome will run under a chair and through a hole in the wall to the right. Pull out the chair and follow the Nome through the hole. On the other side you’ll see him waiting by a Lamp so pick him up and give him a hug. This is Nome #2.

Go back through the hole and climb up the empty chair so you can jump onto the table. Run along to the left but dodge all of the gusts as they try to grab you.

On the left side jump across to the lattice work on the wall and climb up until you can jump across to a tray of food. Jump over to the walkway and then climb onto the small bench and over the railing.

Quickly run to the left, up the ramp and swing from the lamp into another room. The guests will give chase until you swing across to the other side.

From here continue to the left until one of the guests notices you. Run back to the counter and then climb on top of it. The guest will get stuck. Jump over him and continue running to the left.

Quickly run and slide through the small hole into the next room. When you get to the hallway you’ll see a chef coming out of the lift. Quickly run to the left and hide in the bathroom in a box. When the chef leaves he’ll slam the door and a can will fall down. Pick it up and use it to smash a hole in the mirror.

Jump through the broken window to the room behind it and climb up the lattice wall to the grate above. Squeeze through the bars and follow the pipe along to the corridor to the right. Drop down onto the high table and smash Statue #1.

Drop down to the floor and take the lift up to the higher level. Run forwards and go through the open door to the left. Inside you’ll find Nome #3 next to a sleeping guest.

Head back through the door and light the Lamp close to the foreground before running through the door to the right.

Continue running quickly to the right as the guests emerge from their rooms and start chasing you. Head down the stairs and jump onto a table. Quickly jump to grab the lamp before you’re caught.

The lamp will fall over and you’ll land on the balcony on the other side. Light the lamp in the corner and squeeze through the door.

Follow the Nome to the right and Six will start to get hungry. Continue into the next room where a Nome is offering Six a sausage. Once you’ve satisfied your hunger climb onto the box and continue through the window to the right.

Climb up the ladder through the grate and head to the left for Statue #2. Head back to the right and follow the Lady through the lift.

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