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The Lady’s Quarters

Nomes: 0
Statues: 1

When you exit the lift head through the door to the right and up the stairs all the way to the top floor. You’ll hear humming coming from a room to the left.

Enter through the open door to the left and quietly sneak past the Lady. Once you’re in the bedroom climb onto the bed and push off the vase from the bedside table. Grab the Key and take it back to the room with the mirror. The Lady will be gone.

Drop the Key and climb onto the chair. Jump onto the dresser for the one and only Statue for this chapter.

Drop down and pick up the Key. Take it down the stairs to the first landing so you can open the locked door to the right.

As you run along the Lady will start chasing you. Slide through the hole to the next room and continue around to the right.

Head all the way across the large open room and pull open the wooden board so you can get through to the next room. Inside you’ll find a Mirror on top of a small dresser.

Pick up the mirror and take it with you back into the large room. At this point a boss fight with the Lady will begin.

Run towards her with the mirror. When she disappears look for the lit up area on the floor. You’ll find it first to the left, then the right and then the center.

Within a few seconds the Lady will come towards you. Point the Mirror towards her to fend her off. She’ll repeat this a number of times, coming towards you from different directions.

After about 5 attempts the Lady will fall down exhausted. Walk up to her and use the Grab action to finish her off.

For the final sequence you only need to walk down the carpeted area and up the stairs. All the Nomes you’ve hugged along the way will be there to watch you climb the stairs.

That’s all for the main story but a new story begins with the Runaway Boy in the first DLC- The Depths.

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