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The Residence

Bottles: 5
Nomes: None

Climb up the left wall and jump and jump across to the hook. Swing as high as you can and jump across to grab the hole on the right wall. You’ll need to time it perfectly as the Maw is tipping towards you otherwise you won’t reach.

Drop down to the room on the other side and make your way to the right. Enter the second alcove towards the top of the screen. Climb onto the chair and then the table so you can turn on the lamp. Climb up the bookshelf for Bottle #1.

Drop down and continue to the right. Once you reach the next door start sneaking because the Lady is nearby. Sneak past her and up the steps to the next area. This is the main hall with three floors and rooms extending out on all sides.

The room to the bottom right is the Statue Room. You’ll need to find 3 Statues and place them on the right spot to progress.

First Statue

Head up the stairs to the second floor and push the ladder across to the right so you can climb up to the top floor.

The contraption in the center is a light puzzle. You’ll need to move the lenses around so the light hits the three eyes. The lever switches between rotating the two circles and the whole contraption. The Button rotates the active circle.

Play around with it until the lights are pointing towards the three eyes. The will close once the light hits them.

Finally, shine your flashlight on the eye on the door to the right and it will open. Head through to the next room.

Continue to the right past room filled with paintings on the wall. Look closely at the paintings and then light up the same paintings in the next room. From left to right you’ll need to light up painting 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8. The door to the right will open.

Head through but before picking up the statue on the pedestal continue through a crack in the wall to the right. Inside you’ll find Bottle #2.

Go back, grab Statue #1 and quickly duck down behind the pedestal. Make your way back to the left while avoiding the gaze of the eye.

The door will be closed so you’ll need to throw the Statue at the Button to open it. Quickly grab the Statue and continue back to the left.

In the main hall take the lift down to the second level and then head down the steps to the bottom floor. Run to the Statue Room to the right and place Statue #1 in the spot with the triangular indentation. The pedestal will lift up. Just two more to go.

Second Statue

Go back to the main hall and up the stairs to the second floor. Head to the right to the Library. There are three books here that you need to place in the correct location to open a bookcase to a secret room.

Start by moving the ladder over to the left so you can climb up to the top of the bookshelves. Walk around to the right and throw down the book up here.

Look at the spines of the books and the books on the bottom shelf of the bookshelves to figure out where they go. One is on the middle back shelf, one on the back left shelf and the last one is on the right side.

When you get the books placed correctly the bookshelf to the right will unlock so you can push it open.

Climb onto the table and pick up the wooden statue. This is not the statue you need for the statue room. You’ll need to find a stone statue.

Take the wooden statue back to the main hall and across to the room on the right side.

Grab Statue #2 and quickly replace it with the wooden statue before you’re caught in a trap.

Take Statue #2 to the Statue Room at the bottom right of the main hall and place it on the square indentation to lift up the pedestal. The lights in the main hall will turn off when you do this and the Lady will move from where she was in front of the mirror.

Third Statue

Head into the main hall and turn on the lamp in the corner for a bit of light. You may see some little shadow creatures running around. Just ignore them for now.

Run back to the left to where you saw the Lady and kill the Shadow Creature by shining a light on it. Once it’s gone climb up the dresser to grab the Key.

Throw it down and then kill another 2 Shadow Creatures. Grab the Key again and take it to the main hall. Head up the first flight of stairs and ride the lift to the top floor. Use the Key to open the door to the left.

Head into the next corridor but before continuing to the left come down towards the front of the screen to find Bottle #3.

Run into the room to the left and get ready to battle the Shadow Creatures. Walk slowly through the room killing all the Shadow Creatures as they get close. On the other side you’ll need to pull the chair closer to the Switch so you can grab it. This will take multiple attempts as the Shadow Creatures will run towards you every few seconds.

When the chair is close enough grab the Switch to open the door and run through to the next room.

Make your way around the bookshelves while killing the Shadow Creatures as you go. Once you reach the left side climb up the ladder and drop down on the other side.

Climb onto the shelf on the left, walk towards the front of the screen and carefully walk across the plank to the other side.

Once you reach the end jump towards the ladder, grab onto it and climb down. Head to the right and kill the Shadow Creatures before attempting to turn the wheel.

Once again you’ll need multiple attempts to turn the wheel to fully open the door to the right.

Once the door’s open make a dash into the next room. Climb on the piano and play the keys until a secret compartment on the back wall opens up. This is where you’ll find Bottle #4.

Jump back to the piano and then across to grab the handle of what appears to be a statue of the Maw. Let go and it will open up revealing Statue #3.

Drop it down and then jump across to the left to grab the lamp. This opens the door to the right. Grab the Statue and run through. Continue to the right to head back out to the middle floor of the main hall.

Make your way down to the Statue Room and place Statue #3 on the circular spot on the ground. Once the final pedestal lifts up the door to the right will open.

The Nome

Continue running all the way to the right. The Lady will spot you at one point but she won’t attack you immediately. In a room far to the right you’ll find Bottle #5.

Come back to the previous hall and head down. At the end the door to the right is closed so go into the left room. Once you’re inside you’ll hear a door open. Go back to the hall and enter through the door to the right.

As you walk along to the right the Lady will catch you and turn you into a Nome!

At least you’re small enough to squeeze through the crack in the door to the right. Head through and drop down to the bin below.

Take the basket on the right down to a lower level and make your way across to the left, past the guests. None of them will notice you.

Head through the rooms to the left and drop down a hole. Continue to the left to complete the chapter.

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