Stardew Valley Walkthrough

A farm isn’t a farm without chickens but where do you put them all? In a chicken coop of course! Coops can be constructed pretty much from the beginning of the game. To build one you’ll need to visit Robin in the Carpenter’s Shop. You can find her there from between 9am and 5pm most days of the week. To construct a coop you’ll need:

  • 4,000 Gold
  • 300 Wood
  • 100 Stone

You won’t be able to acquire the necessary resources on the first day or even the first week but within the first couple of months you should have your very own chicken coop ready for your chickens.


Chickens are an essential part of farm life and can be purchased for 800 Gold each from Marnie at Marnie’s Ranch. She’s located south of your farm. You won’t have the option to buy chickens until you have a chicken coop ready for them.

Chickens will start off as little chicks and will take a week to grow into adults. Once they have grown they will lay eggs and large eggs for you which can be sold wholesale and used in gifts and recipes.

Caring for your Chickens

Chickens won’t lay eggs for you unless they’re happy. The most important thing they need is food. This is just as essential as watering your crops and something you must do every day.

You can either feed the chickens yourself or let them roam around and feed by themselves during the day. To feed your chickens place some hay in their trough. They’ll eat it throughout the night. Hay can either be purchased from Marnie of harvested from tall grass by using a scythe.

If you want to let your chickens find food for themselves open the door at the front of the coop so the chickens can get out. They’ll hunt around for food and return to the coop at night.

Another way to keep your chickens happy, and laying eggs, is to give them some affection. Right click on a chicken to pat it. If you see a heart you’ve been successful. No matter how much affection you give them always remember to feed them if you want to keep them laying eggs.

Types of Coops

There are three different types of chicken coops you can buy during the game. I’ve already explained the first type of coop for your chickens. This can be upgraded to the Big Coop and later on to the Deluxe Coop. Big Coops unlock the purchase of ducks (which lay Duck Eggs) and can house up to 8 animals. the Deluxe Coop is more expensive but can house up to 12 animals. It also unlocks the purchasing of rabbits which you can use for Wool.

Big Coop:

  • 10,000 gold
  • 400 Wood
  • 150 Stone

Deluxe Coop:

  • 20,000 Gold
  • 500 Wood
  • 200 Stone

Other Kinds of Eggs

In Stardew Valley you’ll be able to find two other kinds of eggs. The first is the Void Egg. Once you have a Big Coop a witch will come along and leave behind a Void Egg. If you incubate it a Void Chicken will hatch who will lay more Void Eggs. These are worth quite a lot of money and are also a good gift to give to Sebastian.

While mining there is a small chance that you’ll come across a Dinosaur Egg. Incubate the egg to hatch a Dinosaur! Dinosaurs, once grown, will also lay more Dinosaur Eggs.

Surviving the Winter

Winter can be a tough time for your animals so you need to prepare in advance. Make sure you have a ton of hay ready for when Winter does finally arrive so you can continue feeding your animals. During the warmer seasons have your chickens eat grass instead of hay. That way you can save your hay for when you really need it. If you get desperate you can buy more hay from Marnie but it’s expensive.

Remember to give your animals some attention each day and they will reward you with eggs. Upgrade to the large coops when you get the chance and keep an eye out for the rare Void and Dinosaur eggs.

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