Haunted MazeThe Haunted Maze is available during the Spirit’s Eve Festival during the Fall. It begins at 10am with most of the town being closed for the day.

During this festival you’ll be able to visit Pierre’s Booth for some items and a Jack-O-Lantern recipe. You’ll also be able to play in the Haunted Maze and possible find the chest.

How To Get Through The Haunted Maze

There’s no time limit for the maze so you can take as much time as you need. As soon as you enter the maze take a right and then the first left. From there continue in towards the center of the maze. Continue now towards the north and you’ll come across a kind of cemetery with a sign with a question mark on it.

Push through the hedges next to the sign and in the north you’ll find a cave. Walk through the cave to the east and you’ll find a chest. Open the chest for the Golden Pumpkin which is worth 2,500 Gold!

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