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Chapter 9 Walkthrough

The Abyss is the final chapter of the game and while it’s quite small we’ll take a bit of time exploring the rest of the map and finding all of the items that have been out of reach until now.

First you’ll need to get the final spirit that will help with movement from the Verboten Champion. This combined with the Incompetent Sinner will give you an extra dash and upward hop.

Thanks to DigitalTQ for the full map


Fast Travel to the Subterranean Lab B1, I1, and take the elevator down to I2. Head down and take the exit to the lower right to I3. Make your way down the room until you see a door at the bottom. You’ll now be able to unlock it after defeating Miriel in the last chapter.

Head inside for a boss fight with the Verboten Champion. He uses his claws to attack but sometimes sends out a shockwave along the ground.

Once he’s defeated you’ll get the Verboten Champion spirit. Equip this along with the Incompetent Sinner in the second set of Spirits. These two spirits will be needed to reach some of the following items.

Return to the Respite and Fast Travel to Lab B5, I15, at the bottom of the Verboten Domain. Go left twice to I17. Go the little ledge on the left and do a double-jump, dash and upward jump with Incompetent Sinner to reach the wall on the right.

Up the top you’ll find 800 Stagnant Blight! Return to the Respite and upgrade any spirits you want. Then Fast Travel to the Tower Alcove.

Drop down and kill the Red Eyes so you can jump onto the wall on the right. You’ll be doing a series of jumps up the left and right walls until you reach the 800 Furious Blight at the top of the tower.

Drop down, go underneath the tower you just climbed up and grapple up using the lanterns. Once you reach the stone pillar blocking the path up you’ll find an Amulet Fragment.

Fast Travel to the Ruined Castle Cellar, F3. Climb up to F2 and on the upper ledge on the left you’ll find an Amulet Fragment.

Fast Travel to the Crossroads and go to the right twice to B2. Up on one of the houses you’ll find 10 Stagnant Blight.

Fast Travel to the Courtyard, E7, at the Twin Spires. Go to the right twice to E22. Drop down the cliff and you’ll find a secret cave. If you jump up from the water you’ll need to perform a series of tricky jumps. Dropping down from above you can dash into the wall and hopefully find it a bit easier.

Inside you’ll find King of the First Age’s Torn Note 1, 100 Stagnant Blight and King of the First Age’s Torn Note 2. Drop into the water below to find Nymphilia’s Ring which hastens the healing prayer.

Fast Travel to the very beginning of the game to the Cellar. Go left until you come to the hidden door and open it.

Take the lift down to A14 and pick up Restoring the Aegis Curio. To reach the True Ending you’ll need to find the Stone Fragments and restore the Aegis Curio before facing the final boss.

Restoring the Stone Fragments

There are 7 Stone Fragments to find. I’ll pick them all up while collecting other items I haven’t been able to grab until now.

Fast Travel to the Bottom of the Well, D1. Take a double-jump, dash, Incompetent Sinner dash and Verboten Champion hop across the large gap to the right. Climb up for 800 Furious Blight.

Return to the Respite and take the lower left exit to B15. Break through the blighted wall to the left and exit out to B17. Drop down for Faden’s Letter. Continue down to find Stone Tablet Fragment #1 in a chest.

Fast Travel to Coven Halls, C13. Swim up the waterfall to the room above, C12. Take the exit up to the top right, C18. You’ll need to swim up the waterfall and do a tricky jump around some ledges to reach it. Then open the locked door.

In C18 drop down for Eleine’s Diary 3, 800 Stagnant Blight and Stone Tablet Fragment #2. Head back to the Respite, Coven Halls, and Fast Travel to the Great Hall, D17.

Just above the Respite you can use the lanterns to grapple up to a ledge with 30 Stagnant Blight.

Drop down and take the exit to the left, D16, and open the door to the far left to reach D23. Inside you’ll find a Giant Slime and Hive. Kill them and grab Stone Tablet Fragment #3.

Return to the Respite and take the exit to the right to D18. You could have picked this up earlier but I missed it. Make your way to the right and drop into the water. Come out on the right and you may notice a secret area in the center.

Climb up the wall and smash down to reveal the hidden 10 Stagnant Blight.

Fast Travel to the Ossuary, D6. Take the exit below to D9. Head to the left and grapple up to the ledge when you can for 10 Stagnant Blight.

Return to the Respite and go to the right and then down to D8. Drop down the cliff on the right side and break through the hidden door for a room filled with Pot Creatures.

On a ledge at the back you’ll find a Chain of Sorcery in a pot.

Fast Travel to Subterranean Lab B, I5. Climb up the wall leading up and on the left side is a secret alcove with 30 Stagnant Blight.

Fast Travel to Subterranean Lab B3, I8. Exit to the right to I7. Go to the right and grapple up to the top. Head to the left, drop down and go to the left for a secret wall with Stagnant Blight

Fast Travel to Monument of the Wind, E13. Take the exit to E14 to the left, climb up and head back to the right to E15.

Take the lift to the center and smash or drop down to a hidden room in the center. Kill the rats and pull the lever to bring a lift down. Ride it up and use the lanterns to grapple up to the top of the floating island. Drop down into the water.

Unlock the door and inside you’ll find 800 Stagnant Blight, Stone Tablet Fragment #4 in a chest and Writing on the Wall.

Fast Travel to the Cells, H14. Go through the door to H12. Grapple and jump up to the door above and unlock it. Go through the door to H25. Just to the left on the mummy you’ll find Stone Tablet Fragment #5.

Fast Travel to the Maelstrom Ramparts, F11. Head right, right and right to F7. To the middle right you’ll find a locked door. Unlock it and go through to F21.

Inside you’ll find King of the First Age’s Diary 3, Head down the stairs for 100 Stagnant Blight and then a chest with Stone Tablet Fragment #6.

Fast Travel to Subterranean Lab B4, I13. You’ll be facing something that may be worse than many bosses, the poisonous mist of the Abyss.

Even while wearing the Heretic’s Mask you’ll be taking 10 damage per tick. This means you’ll want to equip items that increase your health, make you move faster and increase the potency or number of prayers.

Drop down the secret floor to the right, open the door and take the elevator down to the Abyss, J4. Quickly dash to the right and break through the blighted floor.

Make your way around using dashes and grapples. When you drop down after grappling over a pillar you’ll find 100 Stagnant Blight.

Dash past the mines and make your way through another blighted floor. When you drop down this time you’ll find another 100 Stagnant Blight.

Swim through the water while avoiding the mines. Uses prayers to replenish your health when needed. Swim down to J5 and the poison mist will stop. Swim down the waterfall for The Deathless Pact and Stone Tablet Fragment #7. Pick up the 2 Ancient Souls for a little cutscene.

You can use the portal on the left side to go back to the Respite. Make your way back to the beginning of the game and go to A14. Stand by the pedestal and piece together the Stone Tablet.

You’ll get the Luminant Aegis Curio to protect against the pain of purification. You’ll need to equip this when fighting the last boss to get to the True Ending.

Fast Travel to I15, go left twice, open the door on the level below and ride the lift down into the Abyss.

The Abyss

Go to the right for Silva’s Blight-Stained Note 1, then break through the blighted wall. The fireball-shooting large fish in this region are pretty tough but you may want to take them out for the experience they give you. There are lots of red flowers to replenish your spirits.

Make your way down and through a swimming section. At some point you’ll be able to drop down and go to the left for 100 Furious Blight.

Continue down to J2. You can drop all the way down to the ground for the Respite. to the right you’ll find Silva’s Blight-Stained Note 2.

To the left you’ll find the White Priestess’ Earrings to increase the number of Healing Prayers. Climb up the ledges above for Fretia’s Memoirs 5.

Climb up the ledges above the Respite and take a couple of jumps and dashes across to the right to land on a ledge with an Amulet Fragment.

When you complete the second ending by defeating the boss without wearing the Luminant Aegis Curio, another Relic will appear here by the Respite. When you complete the True Ending and come back here there will be yet another Relic for you to pick up.

Otherwise this area is complete. You can equip your relics and head to the left for the boss fight.

Blighted Lord Boss Fight

The Blighted Lord has a ton of health but can be stunned just like all the other bosses and enemies. It will spew out large fish from time to time but you can often damage them at the same time as you’re hitting the boss.

After defeating the boss the first time the game will end unless you have equipped the Luminant Aegis Curio. This is the second ending or Ending B.

With the Luminant Aegis Curio equipped you’ll be taken to the second phase of the Blight Lord boss fight. This time he’ll send out large fireballs to chase you down.

I preferred ranged weapons for this phase so I didn’t have to worry about getting too close. Once phase 2 of the boss is finished you’ll get to see the True Ending, or Ending C.

Congratulations on completing Ender Lilies! If you enjoyed this game make sure you check out Hollow Knight or Ori and the Blind Forest.

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