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Ender Lilies Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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You wake up in the White Parish. First head to the left for a secret area and the first of the Findings, a Statue Inscription.

The door to the left is locked for now. You’ll need to come back here towards the end of the game. Make your way back to the right and go through the small tutorial on how to jump and attack.

A little further to the right you’ll be able to exit through a door. Continue to the right for a tutorial on dodging, aerial attacks and dropping down. After the drop down you’ll come across another Finding, Eleine’s Letter.

Head to the right and break all the barrels. Inside one of them you’ll find the first Amulet Fragment. These fragments increase your max health by +5.

Break the door to the right and on the next screen you’ll find a Finding, On the Blighted 1, and then the first Respite (resting place) at A4.

From the Respite you can watch past cutscenes, including the Prologue which you probably haven’t seen yet. Later you’ll be able to fast travel, equip and upgrade Spirits and equip Relics.

Just to the right is secret passage with a Finding, On the Blighted 2. Jump around the back and hit the lever to open the door above.

Continue to the right and up, killing or dodging past the enemies. You’ll want to kill as many enemies as possible to level up faster.

To kill the Knights with shields you’ll need to dodge behind them when they attack and hit them from behind. Drop down, go to the left and drop down into the secret area.

Follow the tunnel along until you find a lever. Pull it to open a door above. Break through the door to the right and head to the end of the passage. A Banshee is guarding an Amulet Fragment. Watch out for its fire storm attack that appears where you’re standing. Grab the amulet and get out.

Break through the door to the right and continue over the gap. Take out the enemies and grab the Finding, The Parish Way 1.

Enter through the doorway. There’s an item on the ledge up to the left but you can’t reach it yet. Instead head to the left for a Respite and then the first boss fight.

Guardian Siegrid Boss Fight

Guardian Siegrid has two phases. For the first phase it has a Chain Swing that can hit in front and behind, and a Somersault Attack. When Siegrid does a multiple swing attack you can jump straight up to avoid it and continue attacking in the air.

For the second phase Siegrid will heal up to full and transform into a larger version. Siegrid has three attacks, a Swipe, Charge and Ground Pound.

Stay close to Siegrid and dodge behind when it attacks. Use your Prayers to heal up if necessary and keep swinging away until Siegrid has been defeated.

After the battle you’ll get your first Spirit, the Guardian Siegrid. A swinging iron ball attack. This can be equipped at a Respite. You’ll also get a new ability, the Guardian Leap, a double jump!

Head back to the left to the ledge that you couldn’t reach. Use double-jump to get up and claim your first Relic, the Soiled Prayer Beads. These beads slightly increase your maximum HP if equipped.

Run back to the right, equip the Relic and Spirit at the Respite. Continue past the boss arena to the outside area. You’ll get the “White Parish” notification on your screen. Rest here at the Respite until you’re ready for Chapter 2.

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