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Ender Lilies Chapter 5 Walkthrough

After defeating Guardian Silva at the end of the last chapter you’ll have the ability to perform a proper dash. This combined with the double-jump will let you reach previously unexplored areas. We’ll start by backtracking to earlier areas for Relics, Blight and other items.

The final boss of Chapter 5, Ulv the Mad Knight, is a tough enemy to beat. I would recommend being at a minimum level of 50. You should reach this level if you kill all the enemies along the way as you explore.


Map supplied by DigitalQ

From the Respite at D6 drop down to D9 and head to the right. Use the waterfall to float up and jump dash to the high exit to the right. In the next room you’ll face a Giant Slug. Take it out and pick up the Holy Spring Water relic to the right.

Return to the Respite, go right to D7, drop down to D8 and then make your way across the cavern to the secret room midway up the left wall.

Break through and take the exit to D22. Take out another Giant Slug in the center of the room and pick up the White Priestess Statue behind it.

Return to the Respite and take the exit to the left to D5 and continue through to D4. Jump up the platforms to the top left and break the jar for an Amulet Fragment.

Return to the Respite and Fast Travel to the Collapsed Shack. Take the exit to the left and then down to B4. Head to the left and dash across to the chest. Inside you’ll find an Amulet Gem relic.

Continue to the right to B2, run to the left and jump from the house entrance to the ledge with the Stagnant Blight.

Return to the Respite and this time run across to the right to B8. Climb up the house on the right side of the area. Drop down on the left and dash into the secret room for Furious Blight.

Return to the Respite and Fast Travel to the Witch’s Hermitage. Run to the right, drop down the waterfall and dash across to the left for a chest with the Ruined Witch’s Book. Just watch out for the Pot Creature behind it.

Return to the Respite and take the exit to the right to C8. Climb up to the top right for a chest with the Cracked Familiar Stone.

Return to the Respite and Fast Travel to the Ossuary (D6). Take the lift up to D19 and then climb up to the higher exit to the right. This takes you to D20. Grab the Stagnant Blight along the way. Head through to E1 and the entrance to the Twin Spires.

Twin Spires

At E1 drop down and go to the right for Stagnant Blight. Jump back up and do a double-jump dash to the end of the bridge on the other side. Drop down on the other side to find more Furious Blight by the water.

Make your way across the pool of water and climb up to the bridge. Head across to E2 where you’ll find the Bloodied Note 1 and a Respite.

Before heading to the main part of Twin Spires we’ll take a detour for a boss fight. Head up the platforms to the top left and take the exit to E3.

Drop into the second pool of water to the left to find a hidden exit to the lower right. This takes you back to a previous area. Swim through to the left, grab the 30 Stagnant Blight and continue left to open up the shortcut back.

Return to E3 and continue along the top platform to the left for a boss fight.

Fallen Sentinel Boss Fight

The Fallen Sentinel is similar to one of the regular dragons except that it teleports around the screen before charging. It also has a regular swipe attack. Dodge away from the charge and hit back with your most powerful attacks.

Once the Fallen Sentinel is defeated you’ll get the Fallen Sentinel spirit. Return to the Respite and head to the right to enter E4 which is the main part of the Twin Spires.

You can’t take the lift up to the exit yet because the hatch above is closed. Instead drop down and make your way around to the right and up. Enter the secret room to the left of the hatch and break the boxes. BehindĀ  one of them you’ll find a Lever to open the hatch.

Continue jumping up to E5. The door to the right is locked so once again you’ll need to loop around to the lever to open it. This time head around to the left. Drop down through the breakable ground on the left side to find Stagnant Blight.

Jump up to the top right and pull the Lever to open the door on the level below. Go through it and drop down a level and break the barrel on the top left. Inside you’ll find an Amulet Fragment.

Drop down and pull the Lever to open the door by the entrance. Take the exit to the right to E6.

Take out the Fire Dragon for experience if you want, them drop down to E7 for the Respite. To the left you’ll find the Bloodied Note 2.

From the Respite go right to E8. There’s a few things here you’ll want to pick up. to the lower right by the blocked wall you’ll find the Note on the Castle Wall. Then up a level outside on the right you’ll find Stagnant Blight.

Make your way to the top of the room and take the lift up to E9. Climb up and dash across the toxic pool to the Stagnant Blight.

Drop back to the lift and take the other lift up. From here you can run to the right to E10 for the Respite and a Finding, Hoenir’s Diary 3.

Go back to E9 and take the lift up to E11. From here you’ll need to do a loop around the room clockwise until you can break the Teal Lamp to open the door. Jump up the platforms to E16.

Jump up to the right and drop down outside the walls of the Spire. You’ll land back down at E11 on the outside where you can pick up Stagnant Blight.

Drop down and break the breakable floors below. Under the second one you’ll be able to drop down to the corridor below and smash the Teal Lamp to open the door back to the main part of E11. Head to the right along the corridor first to find a chest with the Ricorus’ Ring inside.

Make your way back up through E11 and up to E16. All the doors on the left are closed. You’ll need to climb up the right side, past the Red Eyes and pull the Levers to open the doors.

Once you make it to the end off the room grab the Amulet Fragment under the lift. Break the Teal Lamp to open the shortcut before heading to E15.

Clear out the Rats and make your way around to the left and ride the platform across to the center. Drop down into the secret room in the center and pull the lever to call the next platform.

Ride it across and head to E14. Drop down and go back to E13 for the Respite.

Climb back up E14 and go back to E15. Head along the lower path and drop down the lift. Enter the secret wall to the left for Furious Blight.

Then drop down to E12. You’ll land on a ledge with an Amulet Fragment. Drop all the way down and head back to the left to E13 to open up the other side of the path to the Respite.

Go left to E14 and explore this large room. In the center are two elevators. You’ll need to go up one and back around to explore the area underneath it. Do the same with the other lift.

In the center between the lifts you’ll find a secret area. Make your way up it for Stagnant Blight.

Under the lift to the left you’ll come across a Finding. Grab it and head back.

Under the right lift you’ll find a Teal Lamp that can be used to open the door. Head to the right back to the area under the Respite and open the door. You’ll also find the Monument Engraving.

Go back to E14, drop down and head to the left. Make your way up the outside of the spire, taking out the enemies as you go. There’s a chest at the very top that you can’t reach yet. Instead go back to the right. Break the Teal Lamp to open the shortcut, then take the exit up to E19.

This room is just a big platform that slowly rises to the top. Avoid the Axemen along the way.

Up the top on the left you’ll find an Amulet Fragment. Grab it and take the exit to the right to E18.

There are fire and poison breathing dragons on the bridge. Take them out for the experience and then drop down to the area under the bridge.

First drop down to E13 and break the floor to open a shortcut back to the Respite. Then climb back up and jump across the pillars under the bridge to find a Chain of Sorcery in a box.

We’ll come back for the chest once we have the wall climb ability. Take the exit to the right to E17. Break the ground below for Furious Blight.

Make your way around to the Lever. It opens the hatch to the right but you’ll need to make a timed run to reach it. Clear out the enemies along the way first and then go back for the Lever.

Make your way around and drop down to the chest for the Ancient Dragon Claw just before the hatch. Take the exit up to the Respite at E20.

Ulv, the Mad Knight Boss Fight

Ulv is a fairly difficult boss fight. I like to use ranged attacks such as the Western Merchant and Dark Witch Eleine.

For the first phase Ulv will have a charge attack and a swipe. After he loses about one third health he’ll gain a fire wave and a fire pillar attack.

If you’re close enough during the fire pillars you can stand between them and hit Ulv with your ranged attacks.

Ulv also has a cross attack that auto hits you wherever you are. You’ll see him cross his arms before the attack hits. The only way to avoid it is to dodge just as the attack is about to appear.

Once Ulv has been defeated you’ll get the Ulv, the Mad Knight spirit and the Bloody Knight’s Claws for the wall climbing ability.

Use the wall climb to get over the pillar to the right and grab the Priestess’ Wish and the White Priestess’ Bastion Letter.

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