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Before you head into the last level of the game you may want to find the second memento for the prologue area. Dive into the water to the left and swim through the gap in the pylons. Somewhere off to the left you’ll find Memento #2 for the prologue.

Climb up the stairs and jump across to the ledge on the right. Smash the jar and use the red birds to fly up. Walk across the roof of the temple to the left and then up a long set of stairs. When you get half-way up a light bug will follow you. It reveals the next set of stairs as you go.

Up the top use the red birds to continue higher into the area. Swim up a waterfall and then make your way back to the right. You’ll find a little yellow bird that will not only shoot you up into the air but also reveal a large portion of the structure. The building will slowly fade so you’ll need to move quickly.

Make your way around to the second set of yellow birds and fly up to the top ledge. Jump onto the pillars and quickly up to the roof of the building. When it fades you’ll drop down on the red birds. Use them to fly up and then jump across to the left to find Memento #1 for this level.

Jump down to the left, break the floor and use the birds to fly up to a semi-circle pool of water. Use the birds on the left to fly over the tower to Memento #2.

Smash the floor to drop back down and head back to the water. This time use the red birds on either side to fly up to the waterfall above the building.

Swim up to a new area and slide down the stairs to the left. Make your way through the water trees. Swimming through them and boosting to the next one. At the end break through the floor and continue to a light bug to the right. It will reveal a set of stairs heading over a building.

Continue to the right and smash the jar to release the little red birds. Unfortunately the light bug gets scared away. Pick up the other light bug and fly up to the ledge above. Jump across to the left and float towards the little red birds above the building.

Smash on the ground to scare away the light bug. When the structure fades you’ll drop down to the red birds. Use them to fly up to a temple above.

This temple needs two stars like the previous temples. There’s one off to the left and one to the right. You can go either way first.

To the left keep walking until you you can break the floor and drop down. Use the little red birds to fly up and continue up to the next set of red birds.

Climb up the staircase to the top and use the red birds at the top to fly up to the upside down portion of this world.

Drop off to the right side and use the red birds to fly up. Head to the left and use the next set of red birds to cross over to the right way up. Use the ledges on either side of the dividing line to make it across to the right.

Use the red birds to drop down and you’ll land on a ledge that looks like it has a drop off on the left side. A ledge will appear as you drop down.

Run to the left and use the red birds to find Memento #3. Head back around to the red birds and drop down again. This time run to the right. When the light turns on you can climb up the staircase. Use the birds to shoot up into the water. Pick up the birds and use them to fly down onto the light.

When it lights up it will reveal more structures. Run across them to the right and use the red birds. Break the ledge and you’ll pick up a Star as you fall back down to the temple area below.

Head across to the right side and climb up the stairs. Continue through the water to the right and use the little red birds to fly to the sloped roof above. Continue up to the top of the tower and use the birds to get into the upside down area. Drop up to the water and head to the left. Use the red birds and make your way around this area.

At the end use the red birds to make it into the water tree. Drop into the upside down world. The next part is a little tricky. Bring the birds from the upside down world into the water tree and jump between worlds. use the little red birds to fly up and to the left, between the structures.

Use the red birds on the other side to flow down to the tower below. Break the ledge to pick up the second Star and fall down to the temple area.

Bring the stars back to the temple to gain the ability to sing. When Gris sings the world will come to life around her.

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