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When Gris can stand walk to the right. After a short while she’ll recover a little more and be able to jump and run. At this point you can turn back to pick up the first part of the first Five Stages of Grief challenge.

Five Stages of Grief: Denial

Run back to the left until Gris collapses in front of the statue. Don’t touch anything. Let her stand by herself and you’ll complete the first part of the Stages of Grief challenge called Denial.

Head back to the right and continue until you pick up your first Star. Stars are used to form bridges across large gaps. Depending on the size of the bridge you may need more stars to make it across. Continue to the right and then run up the collapsed walkway to the left.  Take the stairs up to the right to find the second Star. If you continue up to the right you’ll see a large gap. It requires three stars to make it across but you only have two. You’ll need to find one more.

Run to the left and when you get to the tower jump off the edge to the left to find the first Memento.

Go back around and climb up the tower to the top. Gris will use the two stars to make a bridge and you can walk across to the other tower for the third Star. Walk to the right and go across the next star bridge.

Continue to the right and stand in the hand. Red will come back into the world and you’ll get the Red Achievement.

Continue up the long stairway to the right to the temple. From here you can see symbols on the walls representing the levels and circles under them representing the mementos that you’ve found along the way. This temple serves as a hub and you’ll be back here between levels.

For now the only way to go is to continue to the right. You’ll slide down to the Desert area. Run across to the right and climb the dark tower to end the prologue.

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