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With your new ability to sing you’ll be able to unlock new areas. For this section you’ll be going back to the left and right side to find all of the stars and sing to the fowls. You found Fowl #1 and Fowl #2 automatically at the end of the last section.

Starting from the left side head up the stairs and continue to the end of the platform. Sing to the flowers to release little red birds and fly up and to the right. Sing again to the flower on top of the roof and use the birds to shoot up to the building above. Jump across to the right and float down to the light tree. When it lights up buildings will appear and you’ll land on one.

Jump up to the left and then twice to the right to the birds. Use them to fly up and to the left for Memento #1. Sing to Fowl #3 here as well and then jump across to the left and float down onto the roof of another building. Jump to the left and sing to the large flower. It releases a waterfall that floods parts of this level.

Drop down into the water below, head to the left, picking up the birds as you go. Use them to fly over the next tower, picking up the Star along the way.

Continue to the left and swim up the waterfall. Head up to the yellow birds and sing to Fowl #4 before taking the yellow birds up and to the left. Continue up the tall tower. At the top use the yellow birds to shoot you up into the upside down world.

Walk to the left and use the little red birds twice. Drop off the edge of the platform to the right and you should see the next memento to the left.

Use the red birds to the left but before you reach the next platform use the Heavy posture to land in the center. Jump across for Memento #2.

Use the little red birds to fly up again and this time run across to the left. In the large circular room you’ll need to sing to the giant plants so you can use the flowers as platforms. Use the red birds to get a boost up to the upside down plant.

Jump across the upside down giant plant and then over to the plant the right side up. Make your way across the flowers to the passage on the left.

Use the red birds to boost down to the right-side up world. Walk across to the left, pick up the Star and slide down the stairs. Continue to the right until you can break the ledge and drop down.

Swim along to the right and jump up to the ledges above the water. Stand on the edge of the ledge and sing to Fowl #5.

Drop into the water and continue to the right to make your way back to the temple. That completes the left side so continue over to the right side.

Head up the stairs to the right and sing to the flowers under the water tree to release the red birds. Use the red birds to fly up to the water tree above.

Boost up into the water and swim to the right. Drop down on the building with the light inside of it and sing to it. The lower half of the building will collapse and turn into a walking robot.

Either float over to the roof on the right or drop down and ride the robot across. On the other side of the roof you’ll need to ride the robot the rest of the way. Sing to the flowers and jump up the petals to the Star.

Continue to the right and use the red birds to boost up into the water. Use the next red birds to boost up into the water tree in the upside down world. Drop up and run across to the right.

Use the red birds to fly down and then jump across to the right into a little alcove with Fowl #6 and Memento #3.

Use the red birds to make it back across to the right-side up world. Run all the way to the right until you find the large circular room with flying robots. Sing to the light at the top of the first robot so you can jump across to its wings. Jump up to the other side and sing to the other robot. Now that they’re both moving you can jump across their wings to make it to the passage on the right side.

Use the red birds to flip back down to the normal world and jump off the edge to the right for the final Star. Slide down the stairs and run across to the left. Sing to the final Fowl #7 before breaking the ledge and dropping down. This completes the Magic Fowl Challenge.

Dive into the water and swim across to the left. Head down and then back to the right. Follow the waterfall and water trees to Memento #4.

If you’ve followed this walkthrough that should complete the Mementos Challenge.

Make your way back up to the temple and sing to the flowers on the right side to release the birds. Use the birds to fly up to the tower and then sing to release the birds again to make it onto the roof of the temple.

Sing to the plant and wait for it to grow to its full size. Use the red birds to climb up the purple leaves to the top.

Once you reach the top Gris will release the stars. Walk up the star bridge and sing to the light in the center between the worlds. The worlds will spin around and Gris will fall back to the main temple.

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