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Follow the turtle down. It’s light will let you pass through the darkness to the area below. Continue swimming down and you’ll start falling. After landing on a statue you’ll fall down into the water below.

Swim down and around to the left, then up to the statue. Use boost to make it up to the tunnel going through the statue. Swim up the waterfall on the other side to the hand and you’ll be rewarded with a new colour, Yellow.

After the cut-scene you’ll be chased by a giant eel. You can only move slightly to the left or right. Just as the eel is about to bit you press the boost (jump) button to swim away. If you get bitten Gris will go tumbling for a few seconds and you’ll miss out on completing the Eel Challenge.

In the jellyfish cavern swim up. The tunnels will be lit up by the underwater plants. As you make your way around keep an eye out for a secret passage to the left. This is where you’ll find Memento #1.

Continue through the underwater tunnels until you start getting chased by the eel once more. Use the jump button to swim away just before you get bitten. If you complete both sections without being bitten you’ll complete the Eel Challenge. Eventually the turtle will come to your rescue.

Follow the passage to the left and you’ll find another building with a memento at the top. You’ll grab it later. For now continue to the left to a tree that lights up when you get close. Use the light to guide your way around the ledges.

Head across to the right to the little red birds and continue to the next light tree. Boost up to it to make it light up and you’ll see a passage off to the right. Jump over to the right and use the little red birds to fly up. Drop straight back down and hug the right wall to find a secret entrance to the building with Memento #2.

Use the red birds to fly up to the water again and drop down onto the light tree. Follow the passage to the left and swim up a waterfall. Continue around to a dark room. Smash the ground and the little plants will light up the light tree. You’ll spot a breakable ledge. Smash it and follow the tunnel around to the large area with the giant water tree.

The leaves of the tree are made of water so swim your way up to the top and finally up the waterfall back to the central temple. Once Gris releases the stars into the sky the level will be complete.

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