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A Wizard’s Nightmare

Amadeus falls asleep and starts having a dream of theĀ Astral Academy. Head to the right and pick up the platform tied to the rope. Slam it down. When it bounces back up jump it and over to the trineangle.

Trine 3 A Wizard's Nightmare

Jump to the center platform and move the platform on a rope to the right of you. Slam it down again and jump across to the right. Bring the platform up to the ledge and jump on it to the ledge behind you for a big trineangle.

Jump down and head to the right. Use a box to move the platforms in a clockwise direction and ride them across to the right.

Stand on the column to the left of the machine and slam a box onto the platform to the right to lift up. Then jump up the wall and onto the ledge above.

Trine 3 A Wizard's Nightmare 2

Enter the room to the right. slam boxes on the creatures and one on the big robot once it lowers the flaming ball. Grab the flaming ball and smash it into the wall to the right. Jump up and head to the north to end the chapter.

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