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Chapter 2: Zoya the Thief

The second chapter focuses on Zoya and using her abilities. Watch the video above for a full list of Trineangles. Run across the bridge to the other side. Jump up the rock ledges to grab the trineangles and then shoot the red fruit to drop another trineangle.

Shoot the button above the gate to open it and head through to the other side. Shoot down two more red fruits for more trineangles. Climb up the wooden structure. Jump over to the rock ledge and then onto the pole at the top to open the mouth of the skull and release a trineangle.

Trine 3 Chapter 2 Trineangle in Skull

Jump across to the right and enter the building. Inside jump over the pressure plate so that the spears won’t strike you. Shoot the button to the right and jump up to the statue. A bird will fly away with the gemstone.

Swing across to the big trineangle on the ledge to the right. Drop down and continue to the right. Take a swing over the gap and head outside. Swing through the archways, collecting the trineangles as you go.

Trine 3 Chapter 2 Zoya Grapple

Land on the rock platform at the end and jump up and to the right for another trineangle. Up here is the entrance to the room below. Go back into the dark cave to drop down to the room below for extra trineangles. A pressure plate here will open the gate to let you out.

Jump up the walls to the right and then grapple up to the wooden platform.

Trine 3 Chapter 2 Grapple Up

Jump up the wall to the right. Pull the box onto the pressure plate and stand on the other one to open the gate. In the next room hold onto the wall and traverse across. Swing across the large gap and grab onto the wall on the other side.

Traverse across the moving ledges and jump up to the top right. Hook onto the wooden platform and pull it across to the ring on the other side.

Trine 3 Chapter 2 Platform

Jump across to the last puzzle of this chapter. Grapple onto the door and pull the rope around the pillar. Tie the other end of the rope to the other side of the door to keep it open.

Trine 3 Chapter 2 GateHead through the door to find the gemstone and end the chapter.

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