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A Brush with Death

Drop down the hole to the right to land on a platform that will lower as you stand on it. Jump across to the wall and back under the platform. Use your grappling hook to hang onto the hook and swing across to the right.

Jump across the platforms. Hook onto the platform in the roof, jump onto the wall and back on top of the platform. Jump up the wall and onto the ledge to the right. From here you’ll see a platform in the roof, a bridge you can pull out ahead of you and a gate to the right.

Hook onto the bridge and pull it across towards you. A creature will lower down on the platform to attack you.

Trine 3 A Brush with Death

Jump across the bridge and pick up all of the trineangles. You should now be to the right of it. Pull the bridge across to the right. Hook onto the platform, pull it down about half way and attach it to the bridge. Climb up the wall, jump onto the platform and across to the big trineangle. Jump off the wall and back to the bridge.

Now pull the platform down all the way and attach it to the bridge. This should keep the gate open. Go through the gate, shoot an arrow at the button and pick up the last big trineangle to end the chapter.

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