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A Lonely Knight

Pontius is still stuck down in the abandoned mine shaft and needs to find a way out. Float around to the right. Jump onto the wall and then jump again to grab the top of the big gate. Jump onto the revolving fans and make your way across to the right.

Trine 3 A Lonely Knight Fans

To the right is one more fan but you’ll need to take out the creatures first. To get the fan moving charge into the lever at the bottom. You can then jump onto the ledge and over to the revolving fan.

In the next section you’ll see a cart on a platform which is held in place by some rocks. Stomp on the rocks in front of the cart to break them. The platform will lift up and the cart go rolling forwards.

To get up the ledge on the right you’ll need to bring the cart over. Charge into the cart to push it back up the hill to the left. While it’s on its’ way down do a stomp so that it sails over the block on the right set of rail tracks.

Trine 3 A Lonely Knight Pontius Stomp

Jump onto the cart and over to the rock ledge to the right. Continue through the tunnel to end this short chapter.

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