Back to Act II – Uma’s Curse

After you’ve completed the quests to help Yennefer release the curse from Uma Vesimir will say that he’s going to take Uma and release the curse his way. This involves taking Uma away from the castle for a night.

While waiting for Vesimir to return you’ll have a chance to catch up with the other Witchers. During the talk Yen will pull Geralt aside. If you’re romancing her she take you back to her room for a few hours. Afterwards you’ll return to talk with Lambert and Eskel.

After drinking and playing cards you can choose to either go to bed or stay up late. If you stay up Eskel will go to get some more alcohol but disappear. When you and Lambert go after him you’ll find him sleeping on the kitchen floor.

Once Eskel wakes up Lambert wants to call a woman to the party and suggests using the Megascope to call a Sorceress. You can either go along with them or decline and go to bed. Regardless of how long you stay up the quest will end.

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