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Talk to Lambert to find out about his quest for Yennefer. He’s been asked to go to the Circle of Elements and fill the Phylactery with power. This trip is part of the final trial for Witchers and it didn’t go well for Lambert last time, with many of his Witcher friends dying along the way.

Kaer Morhen Valley

Follow Lambert down to a hut near the lake. Lambert’s boat appears to have gone missing. It can’t be far away so search around for it. You’ll find it a little way to the north west near to Drowners and a Water Hag. Get rid of them and then sail with Lambert to the other side of the lake.

As you’re about to enter the cave you’ll hear a boy crying out. You can either investigate and kill the Foglets pretending to by a boy in trouble or ignore them and enter the cave.

Old Speartip

Head through the cave and either climb up the ledges or use Aard to break through some walls. If you break the walls you may wake Old Speartip, a Cyclops. If you do wake Old Speartip by breaking walls or getting too close to him then you’ll be forced into a fight. Igni seems to help with this battle and if you’re having trouble wipe your blade with Ogroid Oil for extra damage.

The Circle of Elements

Once you leave the cave you’ll be harassed by Trolls who will start throwing rocks at you. In order not to get crushed run to a nearby cave. Make your way through by using Aard and destroying one of the walls. Once you make it out to the other side the Trolls will be waiting for you.

You can use diplomacy and the Trolls will let you go peacefully or fight them. If you use diplomacy the Trolls will make you leave your swords here. Don’t worry you won’t be doing any fighting at the Circle of Elements.

Make your way to the circle, light the torches and then place the Phylactery on the altar. After that all you need to do is wait.

Once the Phylactery has been filled with energy you can either travel back to Kaer Morhen with Lambert or stay here for a while to have a look around.

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