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After learning where Ciri is you’ll need to find allies to help you in your fight against the Wild Hunt. This quest will take you back through Velen, Novigrad and Skellige. You’ll have a chance to complete the quests you may have missed along the way.


There are two people in Velen who may join you, Keira Metz and Letho. If you killed Letho Witcher 2 then he won’t be here. Otherwise he can be recruited if you’ve completed Ghosts of the Past. Letho is not required to complete this quest.

Keira Metz will automatically join you in Kaer Morhen if you completed An Invitation from Keira Metz, A Towerful of Mice, A Favor for a Friend and For the Advancement of Learning. If not you’ll be able to complete them now.


There are four people to speak to in Novigrard, Triss, Dijkstra, Zoltan and Roche. Triss will help you once you’ve helped her with the Now or Never quest.

Zoltan is a good friend and wouldn’t miss a fight so all you need to do is ask.

Dijkstra won’t help you personally but if you found his treasure in the Count Reuven’s Treasure quest he’ll give you 1000 Crowns.

Roche will only agree to join if you completed the An Eye for an Eye quest and saved Ves. Ask him for help and he and Ves will join you in Kaer Morhen for the battle.


In Skellige you can talk to Ermion, Crach and Cerys. Ermion will go with you right away. You only need to ask.

Crach won’t go with you but if you helped his children in their quests he’ll give you Winter’s Blade.

Cerys will also refuse to help but will send Hjalmar. Talk to him and he’ll agree. If you saved Folon or Vigi the Loon during The Lord of Undvik quest they’ll come along as well.

Once you’ve recruited or attempted to recruit everyone the quest will end.

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