BattleTech Harebrained SchemesBattleTech by Harebrained Schemes started as a Kickstarter campaign and is due for release on the PC, Linux and Mac in May 2017. BattleTech will be a turn-based tactical mech combat game immersed in the classic BattleTech setting from the 80s.

There have been many mech-based games for the PC, most notable MechWarrior 2, which defined 3D action games back in the 90s. However, none of these games faithfully recreated the tabletop roleplaying game that many of us know and love.

Jordan Weisman, the creator of the BattleTech roleplaying game, finally has his chance to create a tactical game based on his original source books.

Being a turn-based game the player will have time to delve deeply into what it takes to manage a mech and what mech warfare is all about.

Weisman says “When you’re real-time, you have to kind of… not allow the player to dive into that kind of depth because there’d be too much information overflow and decision paralysis. But with turn-based [play], we can have the user take that kind of information and micromanage the resources that are so valuable in the game: heat, ammo, understanding the discrete risks-and-rewards of trying pull off a complicated maneuver like a hairpin turn or death from above.”

BattleTech will take place in the Inner Sphere, a vast region of space where noble houses fight for dominance. There are a 5 major states and a number of periphery states. You begin as a mercenary and can gain favor with the various houses based on what contracts you decide to perform.

The project is led by Jordan Weisman himself, the creator of the BattleTech universe, Mike McCain, who was the creative director of the Shadowrun series and Mitch Gitelman, the producer of the classic MechCommander games.

With these 3 project leaders at the forefront of BattleTech you can be sure that this game is going to be an amazingly beautiful, complex and faithful recreation of the tabletop wargame.

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