Mount and Blade 2 BannerlordsMount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is an action, RPG and strategy game by TaleWorlds Entertainment and set for release sometime in 2017. It’s the prequel to the combat simulator Mount & Blade: Warband which was released in 2010.

Graphics have been updated and you’ll be immersed in a beautiful and rich world. TaleWorlds programmers have custom designed an engine just for this game which will allow the battles to be rendered in spectacular detail.

Bannerlord will include at least six major factions plus additional minor factions such as the mercenaries. The major factions themselves will be split up into smaller competing plans, each with their own goals.

The Northern, Western and Southern Empire factions favor the use of heavy cavalry, spearmen and archers. The Sturgians occupy the northern forests and prefer to use infantry with axes and swords. There’s also the Vlandians who use heavy cavalry, the Aserai with cavalry and infantry, the Battanians in the central woodlands who prefer setting up ambushes with archers in the trees and lastly the Khuzait who are specialists in the use of ranged cavalry.

Bannerlord was first announced in 2012. The graphics have been significantly upgraded and character animations have been created with the use of motion capture technology. Facial animations will be included to show the emotions of each character. There have also been upgrades to the inventory interface and the AI.

Siege Mechanics

You’ll be able to place and use heavy machinery such as siege towers and catapults. You can watch the video below for an early demo of siege gameplay in Mount & Blade: Bannerlord.

TaleWords have used historically accurate defensive structures based on medieval warfare. Whether you’re trying to break through an enemies defenses with a battering ram or hold off the angry hordes by burning down their siege towers you’ll be able to feel a part of the experience and the choices you make will have an impact on the world around you and your relationships with other factions.

Mount & Blade 2 usess a simulated feudal economy to value the price of goods day by day. The prices will go up or down depending on the current level of supply and demand. This means you can invest in your own farms or workshops or bring food to desperate towns that are near to starving.

You’ll be able to craft your own weapon, give it a name and take it with you onto the field of battle. Each weapon has its own statistics and unique attributes. You’ll be able to craft a weapon that matches your play style and give it a name that will be remembered throughout the ages.

On a final note, modding will be added to the game so that the community can get involved in creating their own content or making changes to the game. The custom-designed engine and tools which went into the creation of Mount & Blade 2 will be available for modders to begin making changes and adding new content.

Hopefully Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will be available earlier in 2017 rather than later. We’ll keep you informed about the release date with gameplay footage and a walkthrough available as soon as possible.


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