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The Devil by the Well is the first Contract in Witcher 3 and can be found by reading the notice board in White Orchard or by speaking with Odolan directly. Odolan can be found in a hut to the west of the White Orchard Inn.

Odolan will tell you that his daughter is sick and the only way to heal her is be getting fresh water from the well of a nearby abandoned village. A Noonwraith haunts the abandoned village so you’ll need to deal with it before getting the water.

The abandoned village can be found to the south of White Orchard. If you travel there during the day you may spot the wraith but she won’t attack.

Investigate the area, including inside the three huts. The hut to the east has a Diary which you can read to find out about a woman named Claer. Examine the Skeleton and then follow the tracks of blood back to the well.

Examine the well and the rope. A woman’s remains are dangling from the rope. Geralt supposes that her bracelet has fallen into the water. Climb down the well, dive into the water and use your Witcher senses to find the Bracelet.

Climb out and follow the path to another pool of water. Dive in and swim through the cavern until you find your way out of the cave.

If you’re ready for the fight head back to the well during the night and burn the skeleton and bracelet. The Noonwraith will appear. Use Yrden to slow her down and make her vulnerable to sword strikes. Don’t bother trying to attack her without casting the Yrden sign first.

Once she’s been defeated head back to Odolan who will give you 20 Crowns as a reward. If you ask Tomira about Claer she’ll give you more information about what happened as well as a small reward.

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