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When you arrive in Velen you’ll realize just how big this game really is (click on map above for a larger version of northern Velen). You begin near the Inn at the Crossroads in the north and spend most of the early game around Crow’s Perch and Midcopse.

When you visit a Notice Board more places of interest will be shown on your map. It’s worth investigating them because you’ll find additional quests and Places of Power which give you additional ability points to spend.

Velen is known as No Man’s Land and is a province of northern Temeria. You’ll find armed men from one army or another all over the place, as well as lots of bandits and mercenaries. A military camp has been set up in the south-east corner of Velen although you won’t be allowed inside.

Secondary Quests and Contracts

A Dog’s Life
A Favor for a Friend
A Greedy God
A Towerful of Mice
An Invitation from Keira Metz
At the Mercy of Strangers
Bitter Harvest
Blood Ties
Caravan Attack
Ciri’s Room
Deadly Crossing
Death by Fire
Defender of the Faith
Face Me if You Dare!
Fake Papers
Fists of Fury: Velen
Fools’ Gold
For the Advancement of Learning
Forefathers’ Eve
Funeral Pyres
Ghosts of the Past
Gwent: Velen Players
Harassing a Troll
Hazardous Goods
Highway Robbery
Highwayman’s Cache
Last Rites
Love’s Cruel Snares
Lynch Mob
Magic Lamp
Man’s Best Friend
Races: Crow’s Perch
Return to Crookback Bog
Take What You Want
The Fall of the House of Reardon
The Truth is in the Stars
Thou Shalt Not Pass
Where the Cat and Wolf Play…
Wild at Heart
Witcher Wannabe


Jenny o’ the Woods
Missing Brother
Mysterious Tracks
Patrol Gone Missing
Phantom of the Trade Route
Swamp Thing
The Beast of Honorton
The Griffin from the Highlands
The Merry Widow
The Mystery of the Byways Murders
Woodland Beast

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