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There are 3 possible endings in Blasphemous, referred to as Ending A, Ending B and Ending C which was added during the Wounds of Eventide Update.

Ending B

Ending B is referred to as the Bad Ending and can be achieved by defeating His Holiness Escribar, in the Deambulatory of His Holiness above the Archcathedral Rooftops, without completing the requirements for Ending A. For this ending you’ll be shown to be unworthy and be unable to climb the mountain at the end of the game. Instead you’ll be swallowed up by the ashes and Deogracias will take your helmet.

Ending A

This is said to be the Good Ending and can be completed be equipping the Immaculate rosary bead. Then you need to die three times in order to transform the rosary bead into the Weight of True Guilt.

With the Weight of True Guild equipped go around to all of the 7 Confessor Statues and destroy them. Use the portal behind them to enter the arena and kill off all the waves of enemies. If you’ve made it this far none of the arenas should be too difficult.

Make your way up to the top of the Archcathedral and then to the Deambulatory.

Crisanta of the Warped Agony Boss Fight

Crisanta (room #1) is quite a difficult boss fight but she can be defeated more easily by trapping her in the corner and attacking quite aggressively. Parry her counterattacks and repeat.

The prayer Tiento to Your Thorned Hairs will give you some protection from damage for a short while. I find this a good one to use in boss fights to get in extra hits and not worry about taking damage. Before the boss fight make fervor by sacrificing yourself, then heal at a shrine to have full fervor and full health.

Once Crisanta has been defeated head to the right for the Shrine, then up the stairs for the final confrontation of the game.

His Holiness Escribar Boss Fight

Escribar is really quite easy to defeat and doesn’t seem to have a lot of health. You’ll be able to get in a few hits before he puts up a shield and casts some kind of magic attack. Dodge the projectiles and then slide towards Escribar to get in a few more hits.

Once he’s been defeated you’ll be taken to the second phase of this fight.

Last Son of the Miracle Boss Fight

For this boss fight you’ll need to take out the flying sword first, then the mask will open so you can damage the Lost Son of the Miracle. I like to use the Campanillero to the Sons of the Aurora prayer which sends out little cherubs to damage the sword and boss. The cherubs do a great job getting rid of the sword so you can focus on the main boss.

Once the sword has been dealt with jump up the platforms and damage the boss. You’ll only have a short while before the mask closes and the sword comes back. You’ll have to repeat the whole process again. If you have enough fervor the cherubs should do most of the damage to the sword.

Once the Last Son of the Miracle has been defeated you’ll be proven worthy and ascend the mountain to the top.

True Ending

The True Ending is the most difficult and requires you to go and see Perpetva’s grave before you fight Esdras on the Bridge of the Three Cavalries. The grave is located in the Echoes of Salt on the eastern side in a room called the Resting Place of the Sister.

Now when you go and see Esdras he won’t fight you but give you the Taranto to My Sister prayer instead. Go to the Brotherhood and meet Esdras again. You’ll need the Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach him. Speak with him and he’ll give you the Key Grown from Twisted Wood and tells you to take it to the Library of Negated Words.

Fix Diosdado’s noise problem with the ghost. He’ll give you the Young Mason’s Wheel and return to the place where you found him. Go back and see him and give him the key. He’ll reveal a secret door and let you through. Destroy the breakable wall to the left for the Heart of a Miura Rosary Bead. Follow the path to the Holy Visage trapped in the roots of the Knot of the Three Words. It asks you to find the stolen eyes.

The stolen eyes can be found by beating the two new bosses in the DLC, Sierpes in Mourning and Havoc and Isidora Voice of the Dead.

The easier of the two bosses is Sierpes and can be found by taking the elevator down at the eastern side of Mother of Mothers and then making your way through Mourning and Havoc. Once you defeat her you’ll get the first Eye of the Traitor.

To find Isidora you’ll need to bring 30 bones to the Warden at the Ossuary. He’ll open the door leading to this boss. Isidora is very quick so it’ll take some time to get used to her attacks. She likes using pillars of flame. You can block most of her scythe attacks.

Once she’s been defeated you’ll get the second Eye of the Traitor. Return to the Library and give the two Eyes of the Traitor to the Holy Visage. In return you’ll get The Apodictic Heart of Mea Culpa. This needs to be placed into your sword before you face Crisanta. Once placed in the sword it can’t be removed.

Go back up to the top of the Archcathedral and defeat Crisanta. This time she’ll have another phase that’s even more difficult. You’ll need to get good at blocking her attacks and parrying.

Once she’s been defeated interact with her to shatter her chains. She’ll then go to the Brotherhood. Go back to the Brotherhood and talk to Crisanta. She’ll give you the Holy Wound of Abnegation.

Return to the Deambulatory of His Holiness and fight Escribar just like Ending A. This time when you ascend the mountain an elevator will appear at the top. Ride it up and you’ll fight Escribar again. If you die Crisanta will resurrect you and you can try again.

Once Escribar has been defeated for the final time you’ll have a chat with Crisanta and be given a final cutscene. Congratulations on finding the True Ending for this very difficult game!

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