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Bridge of the Three Calvaries

Make your way to the Bridge of Three Calvaries. Along the way you’ll find Redento in the room before the bridge. He wants the way to be cleared so he can continue on his journey.

If you haven’t done so already knock over the log shortcuts and then talk to him again. He’ll reward you with Rosary Bead #20 (Little Toe Made of Limestone). Continue to the right for a boss fight with Esdras.

Esdras Boss Fight

Esdras is perhaps the most difficult boss fight so far. He has a few different attacks and you’ll need to learn how to deal with them. For one of his attacks he’ll spin around across the whole screen, releasing lighting strikes behind him.

Try to stand where he’ll finish up and get in a few strikes. He also has a few standard attacks with his mace. Either dodge past or parry and strike back.

One of his other attacks is to spin around and send out lightning bolts to either side. Duck under this attack until it finishes.

When you are close Esdras may smash the ground, sending out a small shockwave. Jump out of the way or slide backwards. After Esdras has been defeated you’ll be given Prayer #6 (Taranto to My Sister). This prayer can be used to shoot out lightning bolts above you.

Head across the bridge and enter the building to reach the next area.

Ferrous Tree & Patio of the Silent Steps

On the ground on the right side of room #1 you’ll find Corpse #11. Climb up the ledges and then the ladder up to room #3. Take the right exit and pick up the Quicksilver before the closed gate.

We’re not staying here so go back down the ladder to the left and take the exit to the right to room #5. You’ll run into Deogracias again. Talk to him and then use the Shrine to replenish your health.

Drop down to the right to find a Corpse, then carefully trigger the bridge to collapse. Underneath it is Child of Moonlight #18.

Jump across the spikes and continue into the lower section of room #6. Climb up the ladders and take the upper exit back into room #4 where you’ll find Collectible #24 (Fibula of Rysp).

Go back to room #6 and jump across the platforms. Climb up the gnarled tree and grab Rosary Bead #21 (Thorned Symbol) on the other side.

Go through to room #7. Head to the right, climb up the ladder and jump back to the left for Medicinal Herb #5 (Olive Seeds) on the platform. From here jump across to the gnarled tree and climb up for Collectible #25 (Triguetral of Luca) on the ledge above.

Drop down, make your way to the right and climb up the ladder. Watch out for the bridge that breaks as you try to cross it and use your ranged attack to free Child of Moonlight #19.

Enter into the next room, room #7, to find Redento. A beast blocks his path to the right. Kill it for him and go back to speak with him. He’ll give you Rosary Bead #21 (Big Toe) as a reward. Head to the right to enter Mother of Mothers.

Mother of Mothers

We’re just passing through as we make our way to the Library. Immediately above you as you enter you’ll spot Child of Moonlight #20. Use the Taranto to My Sister prayer to strike it with lightning.

Continue through to the next room to the right where you’ll find a Shrine and Deogracias. Have a chat and then take the exit to the right. Drop down past the swinging censors and break the wall behind the candelabra to the left.

Inside you’ll find Oil of Pilgrims #4 which increases your max fervor. Head back and then take the exit to the right to enter the Library of Negated Words.

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