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After defeating Ten Piedad in Mercy Dreams you’ll come to the one and only shrine for Desecrated Cistern.

Desecrated Cistern

Make your way to the left, watching out for the dripping acid from the pipes above. Head through to room #2 and then room #3 to find Our Lady of Six Sorrows #1. Interact with her for a maximum health increase.

Go back to room #2 and make your way up the ledges to the top where you’ll find Collectible #9 (Scaphoid of Fierce).

Drop down to the ledge below and take the exit to room #4 to the left. Walk to the left and you’ll soon find Child of Moonlight #4 hovering above the shallow water.

Climb the ladder up to the top. The room to the left is filled with a poisonous cloud so you’ll need to come back here later. Instead head to the right and then up to room #6. Take the exit immediately to the right for room #5. Walk all the way to the end to pull the lever and open the gate.

This takes you back to the Candelaria Shop in Mercy Dreams. Drop in to pick up any of the items you couldn’t afford earlier, then head back to room #6.

Jump up the ledges to the very top and take the exit to the right (room #7). Head all the way to the right and open the silver chest for Empty Bile Vessel #2.

Return to room #6, drop down and take the exit to the left to room #8. Climb up the ledges and jump across the platforms to the top left side of the room. Take the exit to the left for room #9.

Climb up the ladder and drop down on the other side. On the ledge at the bottom you’ll find Corpse #2. Take the exit on the left (room #10) for the Bile Fountain. This is where you can fill up the Empty Bile Vessels so you’ll have more potions to use for healing.

Head back to room #9 and climb up the ladder while avoiding the acid. Continue all the way up to the top of this room on the left side. Up the top you’ll find Collectible #10 (Humerus of McMittens) and a shortcut back to the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.

From room #9 take the top exit to the left to room #11. This passageway only has enemies and dripping acid so continue through to room #12.

Drop down the center and climb down the long ladder. At the bottom you can break the secret wall to the left. Enter room #13 for the Oil of the Pilgrims #1.

Go back and take the lower exit to the right (room #14). Put on the Moss Preserved in Glass to reduce damage from the toxic clouds in this room.

Jump across the lower ledges and then climb up the ladder. Pull the lever to open the gate to the top left. Jump across to the left and free Child of Moonlight #5.

If you fall down quickly climb up to the ladder on the left and climb up to the top ledge. Slide under the cloud for Rebirth Item #1 (Black Grieving Veil).

Head back to room #12, climb all the way up to the top and take the left exit to room #15.

Pull the lever to open the gate and continue to the left. The exit to the left goes to the Mountains of the Endless Dusk. We’ll explore that later. For now climb up the ladder to room #16.

To the left is room #17 where you’ll find Two Faces. Once you find the Quicksilver he can enhance your flasks. Head back and take the higher exit to the left. This leads back to Ossuary in Albero where you can drop off your bones.

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