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From the Shrine at the start of the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage take the exit to the right and take the lift down. Walk to the room to the right to Candelaria’s Shop and buy anything that you missed the first time you where here.

Where Olive Trees Wither

From here continue to the right into Where Olive Trees Wither and retrace your steps back to Gemino stuck in the tree. Now that we have the oil we can give him the Golden Thimble Filled with Burning Oil. That should warm him up a bit.

Reset this area by going all the way to the right to the Wasteland and then back to the left. Gemino will be gone but he’ll leave behind Rosary Bead #15 (Frozen Olive).

Head to the left and enter the cave at the base of the cliff. The tomb has opened up. Next to it you’ll find Dried Flowers Bathed In Tears.

Drop into the tomb and you’ll find the Tomb of the Lady of the Tailed Gown. Give her the Dried Flowers and in return you’ll be given Prayer #3 (Saeta Dolorosa).

Exit to the right and climb up the walls for Child of Moonlight #10. you’ll need to use a ranged attack from the ledge to the right to break the glass.

From here make your way across the top ledges to the far right corner where you’ll find Collectible #17 (Coccyx of Daniel). you’ll need to be able to see the blood sand ledges to make it across.

Head to the top right corner of the room and break the wall. You’ll end up back near the Shrine in Where the Olive Trees Wither.

Make your way back to Albero and enter the Desecrated Cistern. Take the exit below and then the exit to the left to arrive at the Mountains of the Endless Dusk.

Mountains of the Endless Dusk

When you enter room #1 walk to the left and drop off the ledge. Drop down the pit to find Collectible #18 (Metacarpus of Hodges).

Make your way to the left to the Shrine in room #2, and continue to room #3 for a mini boss fight.

Perpetva Boss Fight

When you enter this small room you’ll be ambushed by Perpetva. You only have one chance to defeat her or she’ll be gone if you die and come back to this spot.

Luckily she’s not too difficult to defeat. She can call forth lightning but you’ll see by the glimmers a second before where it will land. Dodge out of the way and continue striking until she’s defeated. After you win you’ll be give Rosary Bead #16 (Perpetva’s Protection).

Head to the left and drop down to meet Redento. He’s stuck on this side of the gap. Later you’ll help him across. For now head down the ladder to Jondo.

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