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There are two ways to get the body down, either borrow Kim’s gun and shoot it down or ask Measurehead for assistance. Before you attempt to move the body you should thoroughly examine the body and surrounding area.

If you pass the Perception check you’ll notice footprints on the ground. Examining them will reveal it’s actually eight pairs of footprints. If you pass a Visual Calculus check you’ll be able to analyze each of the footprints and get a vague idea of who they belong to.

To take the body down from the tree you’ll need to pass a difficult Endurance check. More than likely you’ll end up puking on your first attempt. Kim will give you a Handkerchief and tell you to get your shit together. This gives you the Volumetric Shit Compressor throught which you’ll need to complete before you can try again.

After making your first attempt you’ll be able to look at the body in a bit more detail. The boots are armoured. You may be able to grab them later. Examining the belt will provide a littel bit of information and give you 10XP. When you look at the tattoos Kim will give you his Camera so you can take a photo. Finally look at the eyes for another weird chat. This dialogue will help with a Inland Empire check towards the end of the game.

Shoot the Body Down

The quickest way to get the body down is by borrowing Kim’s gun and shooting it down. Don’t let Kim take the shot or he’ll fail. When aiming the shot make sure you keep both eyes open. To succeed you’ll need to have good Hand/Eye Coordination. If you fail the shot you’ll need to ask Measurehead for assistance.

Asking Measurehead for Assistance

Measurehead is the big fellow up on the walkway between the Union strike and the Harbor. There are three ways you can convince him to help you, physically intimidate him, listen to his philosophy on race of convince his boss to tell him to help you.

If you try to fight him you’ll need to pass a difficult Physical Instrument check. First you’ll attempt a punch and then a kick. If you fail you can expect to lose one point of health so make sure you have at least two points.

You can convince Measurehead to help you if you listen to all of his views on race. Go through all of the dialogue options and you’ll get the Advanced Race Theory thought. Research this thought in the Thought Cabinet and make sure it is active. Go back and talk to Measurehead again. He’ll ask you what you think about his philosophy. No matter what you say he’ll agree to help but you’ll have to take his spot on the walkway while he does it.

The final option is to talk to the Union boss Evrart Claire. You can find him in one of the shipping containers in the Harbor. Details of how to enter can be found on the Harbor page. Once you find Evrart make sure you have a couple of Moral and Health points spare because talking to him is difficult. Ask him to help you with getting the body down and he’ll tell Measurehead to give you a hand.

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