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The Suspect

Once you’ve Investigated the Murder, spoken with Titus and have the name of the Suspect head across the canal and go the fishing village. Speak to the lady in blue and ask her if she’s seen the suspect. Follow the path to the north-west until you come to an abandoned building.

Once you take a look at the Field Mural on the wall you’ll need to pass a Shivers check. You must pass this check to continue with the game. For that reason make sure you SAVE the game before attempting the check and equip any items that may increase your Shivers skill.

There are a few ways to increase your Shivers skill throughout the game. These include completing the side quests given by Lena and Morell, going on a date with Lilienne and fully reconstructing the murder.

Once you pass the Shivers check you’ll have two options to getting to the basement. You can climb the ladder to the roof or use the pipe. If you attempt to climb the ladder you’ll need to pass a Savoir Faire check. You can then climb around and open the door to let Kim in. If you use the pipe you’ll need to pass a Physical Instrument check. The pipe will take you directly to the basement.

Once you enter the basement there is no return. Make sure you’ve completed all the side quests that you want to explore and purchase all the medicine that you think you’ll need.

Explore the entirety of the basement and you’ll end up confronting the suspect. After the conversation take a look at the tent to gather more evidence.

when you’re done head back the way you came to the fishing village. Make sure you SAVE the game again before continuing.

The Mercenaries

If you need any last minute medicine make sure you buy it from the drunks in the fishing village. You won’t be able to get to the Frittte store from this point on.

Equip your Gun and any T-500 Armor that you may have found along the way. Boost your Motorics skill as much as possible by by equipping or taking any items that will give you a buff.

As you walk towards the hotel you’ll see a commotion. There will be a standoff with multiple skill checks and developments. Depending on how well you do and what equipment you’re using some characters may not make it out alive.

After the confrontation you’ll wake up in your hotel room. Kim will be there to give you a full update on what has happened.

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