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Sunken Chapel of Sobek

You can get to the Sunken Chapel of Sobek by heading southeast from the Shrine of Osiris. It’s accessible after completing the first level of the game.

To get the first collectible either jump from the ledge above the breakable wall or the raised pillar to the stone arch. Then jump to the next stone pillar and across the gap to the gems and Red Skull #1.

Drop down and run across the wooden scaffolding for Red Skull #2.

Drop down and interact with the pillar if you want to try the combat challenge. Once that’s complete head to the right and you’ll find Red Skull #3 by a small waterfall.

Run up the steps and you’ll see the entrance to the two DLC tombs. Jump into the pool in the middle, raise the staff to raise the pillars and use them to grab Red Skull #4 from the ledge.

Head to the left and go to the edge of the pool. Jump across the pillars for Red Skull #5.

Jump back and ride the pillar up by the second tomb. Jump back across the arches and pillars to the first tomb. Use the staff to activate the Mask of Set above the first tomb.

This lowers the bars giving you access to the time bomb back at the entrance to this area. Drop down and make your way back to the entrance. Just past the bars by the 3 pillars and statue you’ll find a Max Health Upgrade.

Grab the time bomb and blast it over the flames. Push it all the way back up to the breakable wall.

Inside you’ll find a Max Ammo Upgrade. That’s everything in this area so head back to the tomb entrance. Interact with the pillar to open it and head through.

Tomb of Hoarfrost


Gold Point Challenge: 65000
Time Trial: 10:00
Light all Braziers (51)
Survive the Trap without taking damage

Destroy all Arrow Traps (24)

You’ll need to keep your eyes out for the 51 braziers. It helps to have an item that gives you a flame attack so you can light them from a distance.

Light the braziers at the entrance, head down the stairs and jump across to Red Skull #1.

Jump across to the pressure plate to lower the gate, then jump back to the top of the stairs and pull out the handle. This opens the next gate above the wall on the right.

Quickly jump back across the platforms and climb up through the open gate.

Continue along the path, dodging the ice vents as you go. Jump across the gap and then lasso up to the hook, walk (don’t jump) off the edge and swing across under the vents.

Head up the stairs and then down the next set. You’ll come to a large spike pit. When you jump across towards the health upgrade bars will rise up. You’ll need to shimmy across to the right while avoiding the ice vents.

Pull up and step on the pressure plate to extend the bridge. Take out all the enemies and then pull out the handle. This lowers some of the bars so you can run around, jump across the gap and pick up the Max Health Upgrade.

Head across the gap to the right and then go across the large bridge to the ice vent arena. Take out the enemies, blow up the ice next to the gear and climb up to the highest ledge.

Grapple off the edge and hit the pressure plate to open the alcove with the Icy Death weapon. It’s quite powerful and can freeze enemies.

Then grab the fire ball and bring it over to the left. Before placing it in the cage roll it towards the structure on the left. Jump onto it and into the structure for Red Skull #2.

Roll the ball into the cage. The bars out of this arena will lower so you can continue.

Follow the path around, lighting the braziers as you go. Drop down to the watery area and get ready for a difficult fight. Marks of Set will appear and enemies will start spawning in. If you’re going for the gold point challenge just let them all spawn in and kill them. Otherwise use the staff to remove the marks as quickly as possible.

Swim across to the island to the lower right for Red Skull #3.

Run around and grab all of the gems if you want and then head up the stairs to the upper right. A Time Bomb will drop down. Place it on one of the vents so you can climb up the wall. Head down the stairs and stand on the pressure plate to lower the gate.

Now you can roll the Time Bombs up the stairs to avoid the vents. Roll it onto a vent and then jump over it.

Roll it onto the next vent and jump over it again. Grab the time bomb and place it by the breakable wall to the north.

Head up the stairs to the intersection. Go north and grab a Time Bomb. Bring it back and to the southeast. Roll it up the stairs and use it to jump over the vents.

Jump across the gap to the pressure plate and braziers.

Head back down and grab another Time Bomb. You’ll need to use them to get through multiple ice vent sections. Pull out the handles to turn off some of the vents. Then use the Time Bombs to block others so you can make your way across.

Go up the stairs and step on the pressure plates to turn off each of the three sections.

With the last time bomb bring it to the end and climb up. Run around to the last pressure plate. You’ll want to bring a final time bomb back to the breakable wall. Inside you’ll find Red Skull #4.

Go through the gates and head across the collapsing bridge. If you’re going for all the challenges you’ll need to collect all the gems on the bridge. If you miss one just restart at the previous checkpoint.

Along the way you’ll find Red Skull #5 towards the end of the bridge on the right side. Jump over the gap to grab it.

Continue through to the end of the tomb.

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